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Life at Loyal Guru: Natali behind The Customer Success Team

Natali from CS team_Loyal Guru

We spoke to Natali, from the Customer Success Team, and she told us a bit about her experience and professional growth previously working as an intern and currently working as a Customer Success Manager at Loyal Guru

Let’s take a look at what she shared with us:

Tell us a bit about what you do?

I have been part of Loyal Guru’s team for over one year. I came across Loyal Guru in July 2020. Currently, I work in the Customer Success department, as a manager for South American accounts. I’m focused on giving the proper onboarding to the clients by giving them the tools they need to optimize the use of the platform. On the other hand, I´m in charge of solving issues regarding the platform and coordinating with the teams involved. 

The main goal of the Customer Success department is to understand what our customers need and what their challenges are to provide them an exceptional experience and help them to achieve the best results.

You initially joined Loyal Guru as an Intern in Customer Support – what did you do in this role? How was your onboarding process?

I was in charge of supporting the customer success manager solving bugs and urgent requests. In addition, created reports for clients about their loyalty program performance. 

It is important to highlight that the first weeks were really crucial to understand what Loyal Guru does and their business goals, in order to be aligned with that. On the other hand, and due to the pandemic situation, I started my trainee process from home, which was a huge challenge. 

Regarding the onboarding process, it was a bit hard at the beginning due to the pandemic, but in spite of this, Loyal Guru provided proper onboarding in a way that was easy for me to understand.

What has been the most challenging part of your new role as Customer Success Manager LATAM?

Understanding everything behind Loyal Guru and figuring out the customers’ team’s roles, at the end of the day our customer success team is the bridge between Loyal Guru and the clients.

Another big challenge has been developing communication activities from the Customer Success department to have a better understanding of the customers’ needs, and in this way, offer them the best results.

Overall, how have you found your time at Loyal Guru?

Working at Loyal Guru has been a really fun and enriching experience. It has been a huge challenge for me because I used to work in the shipping industry, which is quite different; For this reason, working in a new business has been really helpful to my professional and personal growth, having the support from my team and all the team members of the company.

I am from Colombia, and working in a company that promotes culture diversity has taught me to understand other people’s beliefs and ideas. I love working here.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to join the Loyal Guru team?

I would say to someone who is looking to become part of the Loyal Guru family to be passionate and risky, and not be afraid to take on new challenges even if you don’t have experience in the retail industry, because in the end, what really matters is your attitude.

If you are ready to grow professionally, Loyal Guru is the company that will support you to achieve your dreams.

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