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The leading Loyalty Marketing Platform for food and fashion retailers

Loyal Guru is an end-to-end loyalty marketing platform with the mission of improving the way food and fashion retailers interact with their customers by combining consumer data, analytics and personalized, omnichannel campaigns.

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The holy grail of customer development

Loyal Guru is the “heart” of your customer data tech stack. It does several important things: It collects and unifies your customer data, It uses analytics to understand your customer behaviour and interests building a unified profile that is accessible across the whole organization, It allows you to build an effective loyalty program specific to your industry. Finally, it is able to drive interaction across different channels focusing on retention, cross-selling, product recommendation, etc.. In short: it allows you to understand and develop your customers holistically.

Platform overview






Focused on business value

Combine marketing creativity with smart technology to elevate your customers

There are tangible economic benefits to personalizing every interaction to deliver an optimal customer experience at scale across web, mobile, email, contact centre and ads.

Customer Retention

Manage with smart technology the complexity of individual retention programs.

Targeted Discounts & Promotions

Easily Keep offers relevant across every customer touchpoint.

Personalized Cross/Up Selling

Drive Behavioral Change by delivering personalized customer impacts.

Single Customer View

Share across your organization a holistic view of your customers.

Category Penetration

Deliver an end-to-end category penetration strategy for every single customer.

Supplier Engagement

Collaborate with suppliers to drive sales and profit through personalized campaigns

Solutions overview
Loyal Guru & Google

Retail technology reference case for Google Cloud Platform

We have a simple mission: to produce the highest quality product to manage and develop your customers across your organization. And for that reason we extensively build on top of Google products so your company can also benefit from using the same open infrastructure for other needs.

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Our customers

Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are Innovative, forward-thinking and ambitious. We work hand-in-hand with them to create marketing which is more relevant and customer experiences which are more insightful, while working faster and smarter.

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Easily connect to best-in-class providers

We offer connectivity with all your data, channels and tools so everything gets smarter and you’re free to chose the tools that best fit your organization needs.

Grow your sales, increase store visits and win customer loyalty.

Connect with a Loyal Guru expert to discuss how to integrate our product within your company.

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