The definitive app for retail chains

We offer an app for iOS and Android that solidly covers the basic needs of the retail sector. Better yet, we keep it active so you do not have to worry about anything.
Graphic customization

It offers a modern and personalized interface with your brand. Above all, it is easy to understand for all types of customers.

Loyalty card creation

Make it easy for your customers. They will fill out fast the loyalty card application form through the App and will identify themselves immediately when buying.

Checking tickets in real-time

Your customers will receive their purchase tickets in the palm of their hand in real-time while checking them at any time.

Coupon wallet

Your clients will store automatically in their app all the cupons you give them in your campaigns

Locator of stores

Provide a shop viewer on a geolocated map, access the detail of each store to know more information about it and everything related to your establishments.

Push notifications

Communicate with your customers for free through push notifications. Send them information about campaigns or coupons.

News and brochures

Let your clients have access to a news section that you can easily manage. They also have digital access to your historical brochures.

Your definitive partner for digital transformation

We help you to analyze your situation in terms of promotional marketing and customer loyalty. We will draft a strategic plan together, we will provide you the cloud tools and necessary apps so that you can carry out this plan. We will go together month to month to maximize the ROI of all your campaigns.

Do not stay behind

The big players of the sector are allocating millions of euros in resources for creating an internal team to get what we offer with our service in a packaged way.

Clear rates and no surprises

Give us a monthly fee and forget about everything. Join us for as long as you want. If you are not satisfied with our service you can disconnect at any time.

Start-up in less than a month

We integrate with your systems in less than a month. We help you to analyze your customer base and to plan the campaigns that will be deployed in the different channels so you can get started once the technical integration is ready.

Stop wasting money on promotions, multiply it

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