Make the most of your investment
in discounts on sustained basis

We analyze your current situation, we draw up a strategic plan about segmented and promotional marketing, and we provide you with a cloud tool to carry it out

Analyses and strategy

One-shot project

We help you to understand your current problems in the management of  investments on discounts and to end up drawing a focused plan on getting the maximum profitability from your budget.

  • Situation Analysis
  • Model
  • Budget
  • Schedule of implementation
  • Strategic relationship plan with the client

Platform marketing cloud

Monthly fee

We offer you the product that will digitally allow you to transform your food business. This is all the infrastructure you need to maximize the ROI of your promotions for a monthly fee that will depend on the size of your data.

  • ERP / POS Integration
  • Segmentation
  • Campaigns (sms / mail / push)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Smartphone app
  • Promotional tracking

App smartphone

Monthly fee

We offer you a basic application that solidly covers the important functionalities that the retail chains needs. We keep the App on different platforms for you to face the different system updates.

  • App iOs & Android
  • Check tickets in real time
  • Coupon wallet
  • Shop Locator
  • Maintenance
  • Receiving pus notifications

Business consulting

Monthly fee

We help you to use our product and to launch the campaigns month by month. We function as a support for your department of marketing, sales and purchases. We help you to improve campaigns month by month and execute the plan initially proposed.

  • Monthly campaign planning
  • New Campaign Launches
  • Training to your internal team
  • Campaign Profitability Analysis
  • Iteration and Campaign Improvement

Stop wasting money on promotions, multiply it

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Do not stay behind

The big players of the sector are allocating millions of euros in resources for creating an internal team to get what we offer with our service in a packaged way.

Clear rates and no surprises

Give us a monthly fee and forget about everything. Join us for as long as you want. If you are not satisfied with our service you can disconnect at any time.

Start-up in less than a month

We integrate with your systems in less than a month. We help you to analyze your customer base and to plan the campaigns that will be deployed in the different channels so you can get started once the technical integration is ready