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ERP integration

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We synchronize data generated from your ERP (customers, taxes, products…) and POS and we even load your data history of the last years to get the most out of it. We make realtime really simple via API or via file sharing.

  • API Rest
  • File Sharing
  • Import data history
  • Experience integrating SAP, Oracle, ICG, Navision, etc …
  • Experience integrating with ERP developed inhous

CRM on steroids

You will have a complete CRM to manage the clients of your stores. Get a 360º view of your customer: purchases, interactions with your business, campaigns, coupons, wi-fi…

  • Customer Vision 360º
  • 100% related data (purchases, campaign impacts, access to the center, etc …)
  • Dashboards for customers (monthly sales tracking, delivered from Dto, …)
  • Export data to excel


Create the clusters of clients you need. Label these clusters in an automated way to have “snapshots” of a specific timeframe in the clusters.  Use any data related to the customer as criteria for segmentation, as purchases, demographic data, products, etc.

  • Create complex customer groups
  • Label and retro-tag these groups of clients
  • Automate segment tagging
  • Export segments and related sales
  • Tagging history of a same segment
  • Basic system segments for retail ( Spending / Frequency / Activity / Sections )

Campaign manager

SMS, E-mail, Push, Purchase Ticket … the channel you need for retail is integrated. You can create campaigns without the need of technical skills, thanks to a convenient drag & drop editor.

  • SMS channel
  • E-mail channel
  • PUSH notification channel
  • Drag and drop graphic campaign editor
  • Dynamic variables
  • Manage reusable templates

Customized couponing

Enjoy a customized coupon delivery engine. You can do segmented marketing campaigns just by using the POS you already have without the need of installing a new hardware or equipment.

  • Coupons associated with a single customer and campaign
  • One use or multi-use coupons
  • Control of number of impacts per occasion
  • Pressure filter
  • Integration with the promotional system that allows your POS
  • Printing of coupons on purchase tickets

Points Program

Fully customizable scoring engine. Define how, when, where and who will accumulate points, define which currency value these points have in each country or group of stores, allow accumulated points to work as a payment method (cashback) and define gifts or external services that can be exchanged by points.

  • Define flexible scoring policies
  • Multi-country and multi-currency
  • Define flexible cashback policies
  • Integrate the engine with your online platforms (e-commerce, data capture forms, website, app)
  • Define customized trigger events
  • Define items that can be exchanged by points
  • Real time Score distribution calculation
  • Integrate the engine with your POS
  • API Ready

Bussiness Intelligence dashboards

Specific dashboards to detect drop in sales in specific products, to follow the promotions, to control your customers’ state and their consumption habits. Specific dashboards will allow you to detect retail issues.

  • Tracking promotions in store
  • Customer migrations
  • Sales drops in families
  • Sales control
  • Multiple filters (store, segments, families, dates ..)

App smartphone

You can offer your own App for iOS and Android customized with your brand positioning. Your client will be able to create your loyalty card without filling out cumbersome forms in your store. In addition, they will have your coupons, tickets, promotions and much more in their palm at any time.

  • App iOs and Android
  • Creation of digital loyalty card
  • Real-time ticket detail
  • Coupon wallet
  • Geolocated establishments
  • Push notifications reception
  • Incorrect functionality required

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