COVID-19 has hit all industries hard however, the food retail industry has had to rapidly adapt to ensure demand and safety measures are met to keep providing communities and employees with their essential needs.

With consumer behavior changing quickly, we’ve seen some of the best initiatives and practices from leading Food Retailers around the world, make a change on their consumers’ lives.

We’ve gathered 8 best practices from supermarkets that are doing a great job on adapting to our fast changing “new normal”.

Pricing during Crisis

Some successful retailers such as Delhaize Belgium, Grupo Éxito in Colombia and Coop Italy have either frozen their prices, offered solidarity discounts or created alternative low-priced markets to help consumers who have lost their jobs during the crisis. A great way to build customer-loyalty in times of need.

Putting vulnerable consumers first

The British Government is giving supermarkets access to their database to help prioritize food deliveries for the most vulnerable customers.

Some food retailers, like Sainsbury’s with loyalty schemes, are using their own database to proactively reach out to the customers in need.

Making grocery shopping efficient

Other Food Retailers are coming up with strategies to help make grocery shopping more efficient by partnering up with carriers or delivery systems, creating food packages and enabling new click and collect points.