The team at Loyal Guru has evaluated the Spanish Food Retail Industry and the market share for each retailer before & after COVID-19.

Because of the strict lockdown conditions, the hospitality industry has lost most of its market share to the supermarkets, which accounts for a +25 % increase.

Given how the market share is distributed nowadays, we estimated the sales for each retailer once the lockdown is over. 

As a conclusion we found out that the majority of Large Retailers would be losing high percentages of market share, with the highest gains going to the Regional players. Click through the slides to find our estimation of which retailers will lose most of their market share to regional supermarkets.

Low prices everywhere

The financial crisis is one of the inevitable side effects of this global pandemic. As a consequence, consumers will be in the look-out for retailers who offer the lowest prices and highest rewards.

Developing customers, an essential strategy for everyone

From the beginning of the pandemic, FMCG suppliers have acquired new customers, and it will be of their utmost interest to retain these, especially since the “new normal” lifestyle will ripple through the hospitality industry for years to come.

As shown in the estimation, many regional supermarkets, have gained an interesting percentage of market share, which will only be possible to maintain through personalized loyalty programs and coupons.