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Customer Loyalty solutions for food and fashion retailers

Loyal Guru is the all-in-one platform specific for food and fashion retailers enabling customer knowledge and omni-channel activation.

Customer Data Platform

Create a unified source of customer intelligence shareable with other systems

Unify your customer data and connect it anywhere to improve marketing performance, enhance analytics, and transform the customer experience.

Personalized Offers Engine

The most meaningful deals for each customer at the right moment

Gain the ability to create an offer, to assign this offer with specific food retail intelligence to hundreds of microsgemented customers that will be able to use this offer in every channel ( offline POS, ecommerce etc.. ), while calculating the offer’s impact and ROI in real-time.

Digital Loyalty

Deliver a flexible end-to-end digital loyalty program solution

Implement an engaging loyalty program that will increase purchase frequency and improve brand affinity. Loyalty isn’t just about retaining customers, it’s about creating a meaningful relationship with your customers.

Omni-channel campaigns

Communicate with customers across all channels, devices, and touchpoints

Consistently communicate with customers across all channels to achieve higher conversion and retention rates. Already integrated to the rest of our modules ( digital loyalty, personalized offers engine and cdp ).

Gift Cards Engine

Deliver a full-fledge omnichannel Gift Cards experience

Create digital loyalty cards that can be used as a payment method on your ecommerce or your phisical store. Create prepaid cards, donation cards, gift cards, and do it per customer or in bulk. With the comfort of CVV security mechanisms and fraude monitoring.

Retail technology reference case for Google Cloud Platform

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Consumer App

Your grocery store in the palm of your customer’s hands

Equip your organization with a full fledge App to deliver meaningful engagement and deeper interactions.

Effortless customer sign-up

Allow your customers an easy way to sign-up.

Personalized offers

Allow your customers to activate personalized coupons and enjoy lots of advantages

Digital receipts

Real time digital receipts, an eco-friendly alternative to paper receipts.

Loyalty Program management

Keep track of your well earned points and redeem them to receive money discounts or third party rewards.

Store locator

A comprehensive map with your stores with access to more information about every location.

Queue manager

Allow your customers to manage their turns on every queue ( meat, fish, etc.. )

News and brochures

A flexible system to publish news, product brochures and any other content.

Push notifications ready

Communicate to your customers at the right moment with beautiful content.

Grow your sales, increase store visits and win customer loyalty.

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