High-margin revenue
Accurate attribution
Launch new products
Drive sales & loyalty
Tailored offers
Total control
Advanced targeting
Closed-loop reporting

Drive ad revenue and boost profit margins with Retail Media Solutions

Acquire customers offsite

Deliver offers from brands your customers want and take them to your stores to drive sales.

Elevate Retail Revenue

Reach shoppers at the point of purchase when they are actively looking to buy.

Repeatable success, from sales to ROAS

The connection with the customer and customer insights allow CPG brands to get ahead of trends.

Monetize your data. It’s time to put it to good use for your customers and your business.

Set up and mine your first-party data to intelligently showcase ads to different audiences.

Deploy the same tools that retail giants already use, to compete in the Retail Media Market – and WIN!

Allow us to unlock for you new revenue streams through enhanced connections between customers and leading national brands.

Retail Media Platform for grocers

Collaborate with brands your shoppers love

Meet the evolving needs of your customers with more personalized offers to increase their savings.

Focus on specific audience segments that are category and brand specific and deliver targeted content and offers from brands your customers want, driving purchase and loyalty.

Retail media for grocers customer app

Use insights to capture your share of the $100B margin-rich retail media revenue market

Retailers and CPG brands are a match made in heaven, because retailers are a key stop in the discovery, research and buying process.

Drive sales and revenue uplift with consistent and personalised communications that run from sofa to store.

increase CPG supplier monetization

Grow the value of your media channels by turning them into a compelling advertising platform

Optimize the commercial effectiveness of every media channel you own, giving CPG brands the confidence to invest their ad spend with you.

Retail Media Ad placement

Close the loop with more 1st-party data

Retailers are able to offer incremental first-party in-store audience data packages to brands, providing them with value-added insight into the performance of their brand or shopper marketing strategies and strengthening their relations with their suppliers.

We use machine-learning to get real-time results that give brands and retailers a deeper understanding of a campaign’s effectiveness, engagement and overall sales impact.

Retail Media Ad performance

Collect and activate all your retail data across your entire tech stack

Built with security at its core

Remain secure and compliant with current industry standards and regulations.

Integrations made easy

Designed to work with your current tech stack and connect with third-party software with ease.

Google Cloud Platform

Retain 100% control and ownership over your data at all times.

24/7 Customer Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Retail Media is a modern solution for a new retail landscape and a strategy that benefits both brands and retailers.

At a base level, retailers can use their assets (both in term of digital and physical real estate, and their customers’ first party data) to show specific offers and promotions their customers will love and engage with.

On the other hand, brands get increased product and brand visibility, and typically experience an increase in conversions with the placement of well targeted media near points of sale, plus the ability to monitor campaign performance and put advertising dollars where they matter most.

It’s so effective, it’s no wonder that the use of retail media by brands and retailers has increased drastically over the last few years – and is expected to continue this growth and become a $100B market by 2027.

Through retail media, brands can reach shoppers with relevant ads near the digital or physical point of sale. Retailers, on the other hand, can leverage their first-party data generating a new revenue stream.

Now is the moment for retail media. Brands are increasingly investing in retail media because it enables them to:

  • Reach the shoppers while they are in the purchasing mindset
  • Drive more product sales and capture more share of wallet
  • Target and measure campaigns without relying on third-party cookies

Through a Retail Media Platform, retailers and brands can build better partnerships. With Loyal Guru, retailers can:

  • Deploy the same tools that retail giants already use, to in the Retail Media Market – and WIN!
  • Join a transparent, open ecosystem that maximizes revenue for retailers and flexibility for brands.
  • Access to broad advertiser demand for retailers and sell your retail media with ease
  • Benefit from access to standardized workflows and metrics across retailers
  • Run multi- or single retailer campaigns with a variety of ad formats
  • Get full visibility and pricing control

A few things retailers can keep in mind to establish successful media relationships include:

  • Demonstrate the value and granularity of your first-party data
  • Get ready to provide advertisers with comprehensive measurement via clear and robust reporting. This includes aggregate views of metrics by campaign, by category, by product, etc. Brands need retail media solutions that offer the control and flexibility to move budgets and optimize campaigns quickly — ideally from one central point.
  • Get advertisers on board to buy retail media inventory
  • Offer diverse ad formats to achieve a brand’s specific goal across the consumer journey
  • Highlight the unique value of your particular audience – for example: its scale or its specific interest or alignment with brand partners

Partner up with a company like Loyal Guru, that offers both the tech and the retail expertise to guide you towards success. This will help you avoid costly mistakes, and access infrastructure, technology and knowledge to shorten the time to launch – compared to building the entire retail media solution in house.

We work with many grocers who previously had zero experience in digital media, as well as more experienced grocers with strong marketing teams in house, so we know what it takes for them to start monetizing — and how to help them mature into retail media.

When third-party cookies go away, brands will lose a significant part of their data pool.

Retail media is one of the few alternatives that can help them fill the void left behind.

Brands have already begun shifting budgets to retail media. This change will lead to a greater shift, with retail media taking its place as a core part of brand marketing plans, rather than an add-on.

Retailer first-party data provides many benefits, such as:

  • It’s privacy-safe
  • Ready-to-buy audiences, at the point of purchase
  • Up-to-date information
  • Includes both online and offline data, for a larger data set
  • Detailed, for more precise, effective personalization
  • Closed-loop, so you can attribute ad spend directly to sales