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We were retailers,
We suffered the problems,
We give you the solutions

We empower food and fashion retailers with smart tools that help them retain and develop their customers to have an ultimate impact on sales. Our platform helps decision-makers increase migration and penetration of product categories and develop better relationships with suppliers.

Customer acquisition

Vouchers for first purchase

Motivate your visitors to become customers by offering them a discount on their current purchase or offering them a voucher for their next purchase.

Relevant loyalty model

We help you make sure that your club value proposition is powerful and relevant to your customers across every channel.

Look-a-like audiences

Find look-a-like audiences from existing segments and deploy more effective media campaigns

Customer Development

AI driven cross-selling campaigns

Offer personalized discounts to motivate the purchase of new products.

Omni-channel personalized campaigns

Deliver the right message, at the right time using the right channel and your customers will love you.

AI driven upselling campaigns

Improve customer spending across different categories making them become a category VIP.

Frequency & AOV increment campaigns

Motivate customers to increase AOV with real time personalized discounts before and during their purchase.

Supplier Engagement

Supplier promotional budget management

We help you manage every single budget line provided by your suppliers or CPG brands .

Manage supplier negotiation

Manage supplier negotiation thanks to advanced supplier analytics and predictions based on your history.

Smart supplier personalized campaigns

Common framework with clear roles, responsibilities and touch points to drive improved supplier collaboration.

Supplier campaign analytics

Ensure key suppliers are aligned to your strategic priorities with a good campaigns post-real-time analytics.

Category penetration

Advanced Category Analytics

With a set of category specific dashboards you’ll be able to detect the key oportunities regarding category development.

AI driven category development campaigns

Deploy hundreds of microsegmented campaigns targeting the development of category penetration across your customers base.

Category prioritization

We have paid extreme attention to coding details as we’re obsessed with blazing fast performance. 

Relentlessly focused on adding business value

Customer Satisfaction
Average ROI
Revenue Generated

Great customer engagement comes in three dimensions: Right time. Right content. Right channel

There are tangible economic benefits to personalizing every interaction to deliver an optimal customer experience at scale across web, mobile, email, contact centre and ads.


Not everyone is a digital customer. Communicate with your non-digital-age customers by leaving a message on their receipt.

Mobile messaging ( push / sms )

Engage with your customers through seamless personalised interactions on mobile.

Contact centre

Give your agents the insight and tools they need to give the right assistance and deliver high-value interactions.


Get creative with your email personalisation campaigns and deliver smart meaningful and relevant messages.

Web / Ecommerce

Take profit of the single customer view and fuel interactions across web, ecommerce, etc..

Digital advertising

Create paid media campaigns targeting “look-a-like” audiences based on the characteristics they share with those audiences you already have.

Industry Expertise

When high technology meets decades of food retail experience

Meet members of our team and our advisory board that have extensive industry experience. They are involved with our engineering team in developing the best technology platform for supermarkets.

Luis Martínez Gallardo

CPG & Food Retail Expert

+30 years c-level in Retail Food
Ex Dia Commercial Director
Ex Dia Digital Transformation Manager

Manel Cumplido

Food & Fashion Retail expert

Ex Caprabo Marketing director
Ex Capbrabo Acquisitions director
Ex Custo Barcelona general director

Grow your sales, increase store visits and win customer loyalty.

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