Cuevas Group bets on digitalization to increase sales from loyal customers +18%

Cuevas group has seen a 15% increase in active clients in a year. And thanks to personalization efforts, sales from loyal customers have increased up to 18%, and their average ticket value up to 22%.
Cuevas success story
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Grupo Cuevas was founded in 1867 in Ourense as a business group that presently operates and leads the food distribution industry. Plenus, Aquié, Cuevas Cash, and Spar Express are some of the reputable brands under their portfolio. Its share in the agri-food industry lays on the transformation of products derived from chestnuts and a very small part from the automotives.

Its mission revolves around the efficiency and professionalism of the services needed to make people’s life easier, and while its vision is focused on constantly innovating in the hope to find ways to bring the highest quality to all the products and services, and at the same time weeping in mind the well-being of people, and contributing to society the value and wealth that the company has built.

The challenge

On the journey to personalization

On the journey to personalization, Cuevas Group has gone hand in hand with customers to reach digitization and offer them similar experiences online, including the launch of its loyalty club in its digital version, with the APP. Combining customer tastes and digital tools, Cuevas Group has managed to increasingly profile and personalize the information and services it offers based on their customers’ preferences, avoiding that non-relevant content that does not contribute to the experience of making the purchase comfortable and simple.

Plenus and Aquié supermarkets already had a loyalty card program that allowed them to offer their customers different perks, benefits, and promotions. After 7 years of experience, and with the goal of meeting the digitized shopper who is looking for much more personalized benefits, Grupo Cuevas took its customization efforts to the next level to offer its customers exactly what they wanted to receive. To achieve this, they needed an end-to-end solution, which allowed them to efficiently manage the different customers’ preferences and shopping behaviors. There was an added challenge: the integration of all systems for an easy flow of information, and speeding up the daily management of data, as well as the production and launch of campaigns. This is where Loyal Guru comes in.

” Having over 70% of loyal customers in our supermarkets demands a high level of requirement from us. This translates into daily tasks to get to know each customer at a personal level, learn their names and last names, be aware and remember their preferences and needs in order to make their shopping experience a simple, comfortable and pleasant process. The hard work of our staff in-store, together with the maximum support from

Loyal Guru’s platform, offers us the perfect combination to achieve our goal: make our customers feel listened to and well attended
in-store and online.”.

Artur Yuste – Director at Cuevas Group

The Result

Thanks to the different solutions provided by Loyal Guru’s tool, the selection, and classification of each customer preference have been streamlined in such a way that in response, Cuevas group has seen a 15% increase in active clients in a year.

In addition to that, and thanks to personalization efforts, sales from loyal customers have increased up to 18%, and their average ticket value up to 22%.

The Approach

Using Loyal Guru’s segmentation engine and personalized offers modules, Cuevas Group manages to share the most interesting content with their customers offering them the discount coupons that best suit their needs depending on how often they visit the supermarket, the type of products they choose and the reason, they choose them.

Thanks to the efficient customers’ segmentation, different strategies were studied and optimized to invest in actions with greater interest and impact. This means, at an operational level, that thanks to Loyal Guru Cuevas Group can easily control and monitor the investment of each marketing action as well as the audiences impacted by these actions. All of this is in real-time.

  • Fast and agile implementation of personalized campaigns through the module “Offer Personalization”.
  • Measurement of the impact of campaigns in real-time through the “Advanced Retail Analytics” module.
  • Selection and differentiation of clients for the design and sending of personalized campaigns.

About Loyal Guru

Loyal Guru is the only customer data platform built for retailers to activate loyalty by collecting data and unifying it into actionable insights.

With powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use modules, retailers can activate their customers and drive growth, by measuring campaigns performance, and optimizing their loyalty strategies easily