How Spar identified 40% of their sales in 3 weeks

In 6 months, Spar had delivered over 2.5 million personalized coupons with a 25% conversion rate and an ROI of x6.
Spar success story

Spar La Palma is part of the Tomás Barreto group, and, with over 30 stores, the leading convenience supermarket chain in Palma, Spain. Spar is committed to freshness, quality, convenience, and offering the most competitive prices. Improving the consumer experience was an important part of their marketing strategy and they knew that getting to know their customer base through a loyalty program was the key.

Building a loyalty program is a major endeavor for any company, and it can be a game-changing opportunity if created with precision. To launch this program successfully, Spar turned to Loyal Guru. Not only did the Loyal Guru team generate a successful blueprint for the launch, but Loyal Guru’s platform provided the tools needed to create and deliver hundreds of actions that supported and guaranteed the program’s continuing success.

The challenge

The first step to setting SPAR’s loyalty program in motion was creating a blueprint with a number of strategies that ensured a successful launch and performance. Loyal Guru’s team created a detailed plan that included the program’s implementation, POS integration, lead acquisition, data capturing, earning and spending rules, rewards, offers, branding, and App adoption.

As a result, when the program launched, customers were well-informed of the program’s benefits, motivated to sign-up, and started accumulating benefits right away.

For example, visitors would sign up to the SPAR Link Club by filling up a form in-store or using the Spar Link App (a white-label App created by Loyal Guru and customized for the retailer) and make use of a set of exclusive “welcome” discounts on their next purchases.

“The SPAR link club was the most important lunch we’ve had in over 40 years. We needed the right partner to ensure a thriving program, and Loyal Guru provided everything we needed for it to succeed”.

José Barreto, General manager at SPAR La Palma
Getting to know their customers to improve the shopping experience

Loyal Guru’s platform integrates with the retailer’s POS and e-commerce systems allowing for real-time data collection and transformation, this made it possible for Spar to match 40% of its sales to consumers in less than 3 weeks and 60% in 6 months.

The available data on hand complemented by a set of comprehensive analytics dashboards gave the retailer a thorough overview of its sales and customer mix.

The marketing team at Spar was able to identify its most loyal, sporadic, and shared customers and create strategies targeting each type of customer to increase sales.

The Approach

Taking it up a notch

Once the loyalty program was launched and thriving, Spar’s marketing team created more advanced promotions such as “club members only” and special pricing with the help of Loyal Guru’s platform.

Spar came up with more creative ways to engage high-potential customers. For instance, using the data collected by Loyal Guru, the marketing team was able to create personalized offers by easily segmenting customers who purchased or didn’t purchase a certain category to run Up-selling and Cross-selling campaigns.

As a result, these offers were relevant to the customers and had higher conversion rates, therefore increasing sales. Spar Link’s App was a huge driver of the program’s success. It’s a convenient way for customers to keep track of their purchases (digital receipts stored in the app), activate and manage personalized coupons, take turns to the store’s counters, and much more.

The result

Loyalty that pays off

  • Spar’s hard work paid off with solid results. In less than 3 weeks, Spar had already collected enough customer data to understand their customers’ behavior and target them with personalized campaigns.
  • In 6 months, Spar had delivered over 2.5 million personalized coupons with a 25% conversion rate and an ROI of x6
  • Not only did the numbers prove the Spar Link Club works, but customer testimonials pour in about how much they love the benefits of the loyalty program.

About Loyal Guru

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With powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use modules, retailers can activate their customers and drive growth, by measuring campaigns performance, and optimizing their loyalty strategies easily.