Masymas relies on data-driven to boost customer loyalty

Masymas launches millions of 1:1 personalized campaigns using Loyal Guru's personalized offers module.
Masymas Success story
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The company Masymas is the banner of the Spanish group Fornés. They currently have 120 stores in the Valencian Community and Murcia region. Their goal is to offer local, high-quality fresh products at a competitive price.

The challenge

One of the main goals of the retailer was to build better relationships with their customers while boosting customer loyalty. To make this possible, Masymas needed a technological solution to understand its customers, their preferences and create strategies to reward its most loyal customers, boost their monthly expenditure and measure the results of these actions.

“Loyal Guru’s platform gives us a whole detailed overview of our customers. In addition to this, it allows us to automate the delivery of personalized offers to ours customers. This has been a key part of our loyalty strategy”

Elisa Llorens, Vice president of Purchasing at Masymas
The solution

One of the keys to obtaining more incremental sales is investing in promotional campaigns, which to be profitable need to be 100% personalized.

These personalized offers should be data-driven, based on purchase history, behavior, affinities, and preferences. These actions increase the customers’ Average Order Value and promote the cross-selling and up-selling of supplier categories.

In this way, the Loyal Guru platform is essential for Masymas as it collects customer data from all touchpoints and provides Masymas with reports based on consumer trends, spending, and preferences, making sure the retailer’s marketing efforts are targeting the right people with Loyal Guru’s powerful hypersegmentation tool.

The results

After successfully segmenting their customers, Masymas’ next goal was to take their loyalty strategy to the next level. Masymas launches millions of 1:1 personalized campaigns using Loyal Guru’s personalized offers module.

The retailer got intelligent forecasts which include the cost of the discount, the return on investment, and the increase in sales. This forecast is key when it comes to decision-making.

All the actions mentioned in this case make Loyal Guru the best platform for Masymas to boost customer loyalty. There’s no doubt that Masymas has set a benchmark for customer loyalty in the food retail industry.

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