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Improving the user experience through Omnichannel Communications

Towards Digitalization and sustainability

Consumption trends vary as a result of changes in consumer habits and lifestyles. The increasing sustainability trend and digitalization have had huge impacts on the buyer’s journey, influencing the way people choose between different products and caused several changes in the way we consume these products.

The crisis that we have experienced during these past months has accelerated many of these changes. The global concern for health has skyrocketed, while comfort and closeness are important virtues to take into consideration in the new normal. COVID-19 has modified the way we relate to people, but more importantly the Customer Experience. There has been a change in the global mindset towards “digital-first”, and companies have been forced to implement changes that were planned for several years in just a matter of a couple of weeks.

E-commerce is here to stay

In the last years, online shopping has gradually increased, however, given the current situation of social limitation, the response has been overwhelming, and the percentage of online shopping has skyrocketed in recent months. According to a study carried out by Nielsen during the lockdown, online shopping increased by almost 75%. For its part, the CIS confirmed in its latest survey that 23% of the population have increased the volume of their online purchases during this period and that 1% purchased online for the first time. 

The preference for digital channels is a reality, according to data from the Spanish Association of Advertisers (AEA),41% of digital consumers have purchased products in online stores which they had never bought before. This confirms that during these months a large percentage of people have purchased products online, which they had never thought of doing before. The data is undeniable, especially for supermarkets, who, according to Statista have seen their online sales increase the most, followed by sports equipment, and technological retail:

Coronavirus impact on online traffic of selected industries worldwide in week ending September 6, 2020

Industries with highest increase in online traffic

Businesses are aware that the next step is digitizing their offers since online shopping has come to stay.

Customer spend more and buy less

Consumers are not only changing their traditional shopping channels for digital ones they’re also adapting their habits and shopping routines to the new normal. Based on our data provided by the Loyal Guru platform, we can confirm that consumers are spending more and more on each shopping trip, but their frequency has decreased.

Lockdown and social limitations have stopped consumers to buy with the same frequency they did before the crisis. The search for safety and the fear of the current situation, have made proximity, comfort, and product variety of range in the same location, the most sought out qualities while making grocery runs. 

Omnichannel communication becomes, a necessity

All this leads us to the same conclusion: Omnichannel Communications are extremely important. We understand Omnichannel Communications as an improvement for the user experience. It allows us to use different channels to carry out much more efficient and satisfactory communication with customers. Having a solid omnichannel strategy, we can manage our channels in a more inclusive way, enabling customers not only to buy, where, when, and how they want, but also to access numerous advantages, such as stock notifications through the app, redeem discounts they have on the app in brick & mortar, etc … It allows incorporating a whole set of satisfactory experiences for the customer, contributing to an improvement in the shopping experience.

In order to have an effective omnichannel strategy, companies must meet a series of requirements to succeed:

  • Manage the same information across all channels
  • Maintain a consistent personality across all channels
  • Have a cohesive human team, and make sure that communication is central and accessible

It is important to understand that the omnichannel experience goes beyond one-off commercial exchanges. The interaction between Retailer and customer not only occurs during the purchase cycle, it becomes a set of coherent experiences across all channels. The omnichannel strategy is therefore a key to reach customer satisfaction when the price is not the only variable of choice.

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