Digital loyalty card
Real-time points balance
Personalized Coupons
Digital Receipts
Push Notifications
Digital brochure
iOS and Android-ready

Adapt to a mobile-first world and cater to 55% of consumers who shop on their mobile devices.

Meet your customers where they are

Facilitate a big variety of loyalty initiatives and expand your customer base & revenue with customers of all generations that shop and engage more through their mobile devices.

Accelerate the digital transformation of your business

Bring your physical loyalty experience quickly and inexpensively into the digital world, and move beyond the limited options of a physical loyalty card.

No UI/UX skills required

The app includes a Home Screen, Welcome Tour, Notification, Customer Account Management, Loyalty Card & Wallet, Coupons and so much more for a fast time-to-market.
“Based on Loyal Guru’s platform, Spar launched an app that allows users to schedule their turns at in-store counters, and activate / deactivate personalized coupons. Seventy percent of users are actively engaged with Spar, redeeming at least one coupon each.”
José Barreto
General Manager at Spar La Palma
grocery shopping

70% of users are actively engaged with Spar, redeeming at least 1 coupon each.

What can your company do with Loyal Guru’s Loyalty App?

Bring your physical loyalty experience into the digital world.

Launch your app in the App Store and Google Play

Our white-label app integrates with both iOS and Android. What’s more, we take care of publishing your app on the App Store and Play Store and oversee search optimization on your behalf.

Loyalty App download on apple store and android

Engage with personalized coupons

Showcase a list of coupons in a digital wallet, ordered by product affinity and ready to be activated and redeemed automatically at checkout.

Loyalty App for grocers personalized coupons

Take your program to the next level

Share with customers their loyalty wallet updated in real-time, help them keep track of their points and allow immediate reward redemption in-store or in-app.

Loyalty app grocery loyalty program

Communicate directly with push notifications

Send push notifications to proactively inform customers about more urgent messages, such as time-sensitive offers, purchase confirmations, shipping notifications, and more.

Loyalty app for grocery push notifications

Promote your brands and products

Include special news sections in your loyalty app. Promote your brand and update customers with news, brochures, special offers and member discounts.

Loyalty App grocery promote brands and products

Provide digital receipts

Provide your customers with a log of previous purchases through digital receipts, allowing for more efficient and eco-friendly checkout processes and more value to customers that want to keep track of their last transactions.

Loyalty App grocery digital receipts

Take your app globally

For retailers with an international presence, make sure you offer a multi-language and multi-currency app to customers everywhere. Ensure navigating your loyalty app is simple and seamless and nurture your loyal customers across the globe.

Loyalty app grocery global languages

Offer a great customer experience

Enable a personalized customer experience, designed for effortless sign-up, login, and account management. With Loyal Guru, customers can create new accounts or recover existing ones in a matter of seconds.

Loyalty app grocery onboarding

Collect and activate all your retail data across your entire tech stack

Built with security at its core

Remain secure and compliant with current industry standards and regulations.

Integrations made easy

Designed to work with your current tech stack and connect with third-party software with ease.

Google Cloud Platform

Retain 100% control and ownership over your data at all times.

24/7 Customer Support

Access our FAQs and Help Center for an answer to your question or get in touch with our friendly team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile shopping via smartphones is popular among all generations and regions worldwide and digital retail development is showing a rapid evolution. As the world goes mobile, Enterprise Retailers are eager to transform their business via retail mobile apps and want to expand their customer base as well as revenue.

The biggest advantage of white label apps is their cost-efficiency. Buying a ready-made app solution costs you much less compared to building a custom app.

When you want to build a custom app, you have to hire designers, developers, project managers, etc. Or you have to outsource app development to a software agency that will build your app from scratch. In both these cases, the app development process requires considerable research, unique design, efficient development and extensive testing. Each phase of development, when carried out exclusively for one app, is very cost-intensive.

On the other hand, Loyal Guru’s white label app is available to multiple businesses, so we don’t charge you for the entire app development cost but only a small fraction of it. Plus, you get ongoing maintenance and support so your app stays fast, fresh and up-to-date.

This can vary. However, we have come to a pretty good estimation of 6 to weeks as follows:

The first development of your customized white label app takes 2 to 3 weeks. Once the trial version is ready, we make it available to you for a week-long testing period. In the following week, we make modifications and fix any errors. The last step includes publishing & approval in the app stores (App Store and Google Play store) which takes a maximum of 2 weeks.

There are a TON of reasons why your customers will download your app! Whether your customers want the convenience, mobile coupons, access to their points balance and wallet or the option to redeem their rewards on the app, Loyal Guru’s app covers this and much more.

No. We don’t like them so we don’t play that game. Loyal Guru always states very clearly in our agreements everything included so there are no surprises. Anything additional would require our client to agree to and sign a separate agreement.

Yes! All critical information is encrypted in every transaction run through the app, and no personal information is stored on your customers’ mobile device. However, mobile devices do offer your customers the ability to store their login information for apps installed on the device so if they choose to store their login information, any person who has access to their mobile device will have access to their account.