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Coupons and loyalty programs for the world’s leading grocers

Drive customer engagement and increase sales by using the power of omnichannel, personalized coupons, and flexible loyalty programs.

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loyalty solutions for grocers
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Supplier monetization and collaboration

Set and improve the benchmark for CPG negotiations

More promotional budget from CPG suppliers

More investment from suppliers

Insightful data and media sharing to increase your CPG supplier revenue. Our platform allows for precise targeting, guaranteeing high coupon redemption rates and great campaign results. A win-win for you and your suppliers.

Plan, create and modify on the fly

Plan, create and modify on the fly

Easily create thousands of personalized coupons on the go, understand how they will perform, and launch them through any channel, making sure all of your customers get rewarded with at least one coupon to drive engagement.

Omnichannel delivery 

Whether the coupons are delivered at POS, or digitally via email, text message, or App, we also make sure your customers can redeem them everywhere.

Supplier collaboration at its best

Supplier collaboration at its best

Share key insights and campaign performance with suppliers through a brand portal to drive collaboration. Identify growth opportunities through accurate customer, product, and campaign information.

Loyalty Management

driving loyalty through relevance

Our state-of-the-art loyalty management module empowers grocers with everything necessary to foster customer loyalty, create smart, personalized engagements while increasing Customer Lifetime Value and ROI. Leverage data and technology to create engaging and effective loyalty programs with just a few clicks, that are quick to implement and easy to customize.

Create flexible and effective loyalty programs with just a few clicks
Create flexible and effective loyalty programs with just a few clicks

Easily manage the way your customers earn points. Choose from different triggers from in-store and online purchases to app download or a customer’s birthday, everything is fair game.

Apply points to products or categories, pick out stores that have their own set of rules, we put no limits to your marketing strategy, even better? Points accumulation and redemption are a real omnichannel experience for you and your customers.

Manage engaging rewards
Manage engaging rewards

There’s no doubt your customers have high expectations, make sure you give them your best. Our loyalty management module offers intuitive management of your rewards catalog, including discounts, third-party or first-party rewards, cash-back, physical or digital experiences.

Keep track of your loyalty program at each step of the way
Keep track of your loyalty program at each step of the way

Our set of loyalty dashboards gives you full visibility of your program so you know exactly each one of your program’s members, their loyalty score, redemptions, and accumulations, all in one place.

omnichannel loyalty management for grocers
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