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Unravel your customer data, enable actionable business insights and reduce implementation time to a 10th.

Simpler, faster, and more effective decision-making

Manual retail reporting is time-consuming and prone to error. Access accurate and up-to-date promotional, financial and operational data and analysis.

Never again miss red flags or major opportunities

Smart data filters for row-level explorations and data discovery that adapts to your business needs and helps you track the most important KPI’s to your business.

Get rid of complex, siloed or outdated reports

Access reports and business intelligence that integrate all parts of your operation and are optimized for retail’s high volume of data.
“Digitization and getting to know the consumer better through Big DATA is key to the success of Euromadi members. Loyal Guru has been an important piece on this journey, helping our members consolidate data, unify processes and access insights to develop sales in specific categories.”
Josep Martínez
Commercial Director of Euromadi
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20M+ customers’ data unified in one Single Source of Truth

Access 40+ retail-ready reports – or generate your own based on your individual needs.

Understand your customers with shopper analytics

Designed for the CMO, Head of Customer or Head of Loyalty within your business.

This set of dashboards include loyalty program performance, customer segments, purchase behaviour, number of coupons per person, redeemed vs not redeemed, customer evolution, purchase frequency and much more giving your team a whole overview of their customers and their spending habits.

RFM retail analytics Saas

Understand the performance of your sales, stores & more

Designed for Category Leaders within your business.

These powerful dashboards give insights into sales, receipts, average spend of customers, store performance, discount analysis, categories, products and more.

Retail Analytics store and products evolution

Monetize your retail data to generate new streams of revenue.

Improve the benchmark for CPG negotiations by leveraging the power of insightful data and clear reports.

Share key insights and campaign performance dashboards with suppliers through Loyal Guru’s portal to drive collaboration and identify new monetization opportunities.

Share insights with suppliers

Understand your suppliers to improve relations

Designed for category managers within a grocery retailer.

Our solution includes a series of dashboards highlighting sales performance for each of your suppliers such as units sold, product & category performance and much more.

Loyal Guru CPG category performance analytics

Track your sales performance across multiple subsidiaries or countries

Thanks to aggregated analytics you can easily track your sales performance across multiple subsidiaries or countries so you can compare performance and optimize where needed.

No fuss, ever.

Retail Analytics subsidiaries SaaS

Export data in multiple formats

Access your real-time reports online any time you want, or export your data in a variety of formats, including txt, excel, csv, json, html, markdown or png.

Retail Analytics Data export

Set up alerts with any chosen condition

Track the KPIs most important to your business, build your own dashboard with selected categories and never again miss any red flags or major opportunities.

Retail Analytics Alerts

Collect and activate all your retail data across your entire tech stack

Built with security at its core

Remain secure and compliant with current industry standards and regulations.

Integrations made easy

Designed to work with your current tech stack and connect with third-party software with ease.

Google Cloud Platform

Retain 100% control and ownership over your data at all times.

24/7 Customer Support

Access our FAQs and Help Center for an answer to your question or get in touch with our friendly team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By giving meaningful insights into customer behavior, retail analytics helps in bolstering the relationship between a store and its visitors. It allows the retailer to get the right information across to the right recipient to ensure a rewarding shopping experience for the buyer.

Loyal Guru’s Retail Analytics module provides detailed, simple and visual reports on key performance indicators used to track transactions, units per customer, volume of sales, return rates and much more while enabling actionable and effective business insights.

Loyal Guru´s engineers talk about 4 types of data analytics:

  • Descriptive analytics answers the question: “What happened?” It is the simplest type of analytics and allows you to pull trends from raw data and succinctly describe what happened or is currently happening in your retail business.
  • Diagnostic analytics addresses the next logical question: “Why did this happen?” It includes comparing coexisting trends, uncovering correlations between variables and determining causal relationships where possible.
  • Predictive analytics  is used to make predictions about future trends or events and answers the question: “What might happen in the future?” It analyzes historical data in tandem with industry trends, helping you to make informed predictions about what the future could hold for your retail business.
  • Prescriptive analytics  answers the question, “What should we do next?” It takes into account all possible factors in a scenario and suggests actionable takeaways. This type of analytics can be especially useful when making data-driven decisions.

We do both! Many of our clients benefit greatly from our 40+ ready-to-use dashboards, preconfigured and widely tested for different users and use cases.

Many others request AD-HOC developed dashboards that are handled by our customer success team. They will do a viability analysis and build custom dashboards as a service.

Finally, we also offer a third option: Analytics Self-Service. This option is fully autonomous, and allows retailers to get direct access to their data and build their own dashboards.

Loyal Guru ensures you retain 100% control and ownership over your data thanks to Google Cloud, our data storage partner for CDP in retail.