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Loyal Guru_Customer Data Platform for Retail with coupons and segments
Why Loyal Guru

A best-in-class solution optimized for retail

Retail ready solution

Retail-ready solution

Data management in retail can be overwhelming with extensive product catalogs, hundreds of different categories in several locations, millions of customers, and high-volume transactions. Our CDP is equipped to handle a retailer’s everyday complexities.

Robust, scalable, and flexible

Robust, scalable, and flexible

Built on top of Google Cloud, our solution allows for real-time, big data management specific to retailers, having a unique source of data and a complete customer view that works and integrates seamlessly with any other systems you use.



Easily integrate and manage data from multiple online and offline sources. Centralize audiences and business rules so that they can be applied across all your tools, saving time for your teams with less ongoing efforts from IT to maintain.

From data to action

From data to action

Loyal Guru’s actionable CDP easily works with other modules, allowing retailers to quickly activate customer data into flexible loyalty programs or personalized offers as well as use it to analyze business performance and customer behavior.

What is a Customer Data Platform?

Upgrade the way you approach data

The best companies in the world make sure that each customer interaction feels more personal than the last. This is only possible when you have good, clean data and a Customer Data platform to make this data available to teams that drive the business and the customer experience



Collect data in real-time via API’s or in batch from all your sources. Our Platform is optimized to collect key retail data, online and offline to quickly create a single source of truth of historic, real-time, and predictive customer behaviors.



Data auto-updated and precise every time you need it. Our platform offers a set of out-of-the-box controls to manage data quality and integrity and an intuitive workflow for you to create your own cleansing rules.



Enrich customer profiles with preferences, affinity, interests, calculated, analytical, or custom attributes such as Customer Lifetime Value, Churn Rate, and other metrics important to your business.



Store unlimited analytical and operational data in real-time guaranteeing its distribution in different storage systems optimized for your specific needs and use cases such as analytics, customer support, sales, marketing, and more.



Maximize your data by exposing it to your tech stack through different connections such as rest API’s, BigQuery connectors, or accessing raw data.



Allow everyone in your organization to access customer data and use it to create engaging loyalty programs, personalized offers, exclusive content, analytics, and dashboards, and offer exceptional customer service.

360° Customer View

Unify your customer’s touchpoints across all platforms and channels to develop single customer profiles with transactional, behavioral, and demographic data.

Single Customer View


Go beyond your usual segments. Leverage customer data to build and hyper-define audiences. Use them to create triggers, custom content, loyalty programs, or personalized offers.

Retail Audiences


Deliver Personalized customer experiences. Our Platform holds the most relevant data about every single one of your customers and easily integrates with the platforms you love. Having a single source of customer intelligence makes it easy for your teams to scale personalized experiences across all touchpoints.

Analytics Dashboard

Real-time analytics

Visualize instant insights from your constantly changing data the moment you need it. The dynamic nature of reports, analysis, and dashboards ensures that your data insights are accurate and always up-to-date. Our out-of-the-box retail dashboards give you an insight into what’s happening to your customers, products, categories, and stores.

Analytics Dashboard
Privacy controls

Streamline Privacy & Compliance Processes

Data privacy is in our DNA because your customers’ privacy is of utmost importance. Accelerate compliance with regulations like GDPR and CCPA with automated data rights management. With Loyal Guru, you can automatically detect and classify PII in real-time. By setting rules to proactively block, and route sensitive data, you can accelerate compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and more.

privacy and compliance
The best of two worlds

Built on top of Google Cloud Platform

Thinking about migrating to Google Cloud? Loyal Guru’s Platform is the only retail-vertical, Customer Data Platform built on top of GCP.

Our team has extensible knowledge of cloud migration and data management. We officially partnered with Google Cloud to solve data management in the Retail industry by helping businesses master their digital transformation and use data to boost their operations.

We help you to successfully achieve your years-long digital transformation plans in as little as 3 months.