Use tiers to motivate your customers to climb up your loyalty ladder

Increase customer participation and engagement

Because of the different tiers, customers are motivated to advance through the levels in order to receive the greatest rankings, rewards and prizes.

Build loyalty that lasts a lifetime

Customers return frequently because they see the benefits of sticking with your brand. This means that by creating a tiered loyalty program, your business will gain more revenue in the long run.

Make sure your best customers feel valued

Customers in your higher levels get the message that you appreciate their business more highly than a typical one-time customer by receiving richer benefits.

This is what you can do with a tiered loyalty program powered by Loyal Guru

Offer value at every level

One of the best advantages of tiered loyalty programs is that nobody loses out on rewards.

At every level, there are obvious advantages that make devoted consumers feel unique.

Loyalty Program tiers rewards

Personalized, tier-based updates

Tiers present additional chances to interact with your customers beyond the times they purchase from you.

You can send members customized communications relevant to their level, such as program updates, exclusive offers or benefits of the next tier.

tier-based communications loyalty programs

Identify your Top Spenders

Tiering enables valuable customer segmentation, as it groups shoppers based on their loyalty levels, and then allows you to tailor your program to your customers’ needs and leverage de power of customer data and personalization.

retail loyalty tiers to identify top spenders

Make your program more fun with game-based initiatives

Exciting incentive program features like gamification make your loyalty program stand out and create buzz.

Tiered loyalty programs perfectly combine with the latest gamification techniques, such as milestones, contests, leaderboards and progress bars.

Game-based tiering loyalty program

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