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Best-in-class customer support

Our dedicated CX teams make sure our clients make the most out of the platform’s capabilities.

Completely retail-specific

Built with real retail use cases in mind, we work with 60+ customers worldwide

Optimized for customer activation 

Automatically suggests smart plans and campaigns with proven ROI.

Accurate forecasts and budget control

Retailers control campaign budget and can share campaign forecasts with suppliers to increase trade spend and enable collaboration with CPGs.

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Loyal Guru has been a great ally in launching our international loyalty program. Since we started designing ‘Mango likes you’, we wanted it to be an omnichannel program with a rich variety of initiatives and experiences. We also wanted it to be as simple as possible for the user. Loyal Guru has helped us succeed at both and that brings great value to our clients.
Guillermo Corominas
Former Chief Client Officer at Mango
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20M+ customers worldwide through their global loyalty program

Business FAQ

Loyal Guru’s platform makes aggregated customer data available for analysis purposes and allows your retail business to take action on it, what we refer to as “activation”.

Activation takes many different forms, but always has the purpose of increasing engagement, improving customer experience and marketing effectiveness, therefore allowing you to develop your customers and boost company growth. The effectiveness of your campaigns is directly linked to your ability to target relevant segments and personalize your promos at scale.

Collecting, unifying and analysing your customer data will also allow you to unlock new monetization opportunities, whether it’s through CPG negotiations or collaborations with brands and partners that help you drive operational efficiency.

In addition to this, developing a robust, scalable customer data infrastructure will allow you to understand your customers holistically and make your customer data accessible across your organization’s staff and systems to help you make data-driven and customer-centric decisions.

With our platform, you will retain 100% control and ownership over your data thanks to Google Cloud, our data storage partner for CDP in retail.

In addition to that, Loyal Guru is built with security at its core and certified under ISO 27001. We comply with all data protection and privacy legislation so you can feel confident that your company and customer data remain secure and compliant. Our Privacy Policy honors CCPA, the GDPR, the Privacy Shield Framework.

First step will be to talk to one of our experts, and let us know what your business needs are. Our team has decades of retail experience and will be able to help you no matter if you decide to become a customer or not.