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Loyalty Management Platform
Why Loyal Guru

A data-Driven approach to customer loyalty


Intelligent loyalty management

There’s an enormous amount of creativity now trying to capture the customer’s loyalty. Stay at the top of the loyalty game with our intuitive, data-driven loyalty management solution.


Driving actual value to your business

Keep your customers engaged while driving incremental value to your business. Build flexible loyalty programs that reward your customers for interacting with your business beyond transactions.


Personalized loyalty to your customers

Dynamic personalized loyalty experiences that use a single source of data so each one of your customers feels valued and engaged in every step of their journey.

Anti-fraud Mechanisms

Putting your security and your customers’ first

Our Fraud Detection mechanisms check for suspicious behavior and detect anomalies to prevent a variety of fraud techniques. Our platform automatically detects any anomalies in transactions, fraudulent accounts, and fraud scoring.

loyalty antifraud