How does gamification create impact in retailers’ loyalty programs?

Gamification creates buzz

Whether you think of a new product launch, a special announcement or a specific campaign – gamification elevates your marketing and raises awareness overall.

Gamification builds brand loyalty

When a customer plays a game and wins, his brain releases dopamine, a “feel good” hormone that associates this feeling with your brand.

Gamification extends customer lifetime value

Adding game-like elements to your retail customer journey improves engagement, keeps your brand “top of mind” and encourages shoppers to return.

This is what you can do with gamification powered
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Celebrate your VIP customers

Beyond awarding points for purchases or interactions with your brand, you can celebrate your best customers with badges when they complete progressively difficult challenges or showcase them on a leaderboard.

VIP Customers gamification loyalty program

Match your rewards with your business values

Encourage your customers to develop a deep connection with the guiding principles that govern your organization.

Curate rewards that mirror and motivate the behaviors which embody your values and brand, and attract today’s value-driven consumers.

loyalty program brand values

Stand out with remarkable personalization

Some customers are motivated by cashback or discounts. Others are motivated by things like achieving personal goals or accomplishing milestones.

Loyal Guru’s gamification feature takes all these motivators into account and rolls them into one streamlined loyalty program.

Personalization through Loyalty

Build community through collaboration

Start motivating your customers with rewards they want, tools that support participation and a community that motivates them to engage more and more often.

Launch collaborative campaigns to strengthen the bond to your brand.

loyalty program community

Keep customers active

Solve some of the most common problems in loyalty programs. From new members that are active at the start but quickly lose interest after that, to customers not reacting to your communications, gamification creates innovative opportunities to engage lapsing customers and turn them into top spenders.

loyalty program activation

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