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Generate millions of unique and relevant coupons in just a few clicks.

Scale up hundredfold your company’s personalized offers in one fifth of the time.

Design millions AI-powered promotions in minutes (not weeks). Motivate your customers to buy sooner and more with the right coupon at the right time.

Revamp your coupon delivery strategy

Forget ineffective one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns and create next level personalization through omnichannel marketing.

Predict the likelihood someone will buy and ensure a high redemption rate

Leverage the retail data you collect across touchpoints. Optimize your offers, audience segments and delivery channels based on accurate and actionable data.
“The Spar Link Club was the most important launch we’ve had in over 40 years. We wanted to run a loyalty program customers would love for its benefits and convenience. We needed the right partner to ensure a thriving program and Loyal Guru provided everything we needed for it to succeed.”
José Barreto
General Manager, SPAR La Palma
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92% activation and 6x increase of couponing campaign ROI

Bring your retail data to life through state-of-the art offer personalization.

Automation for your teams to save hours every week

Use our automated campaigns wizard and launch promotions with incredible ease.

Choose from our different campaign suggestions and adapt discount type, value, categories, products and conditions.

Prescriptive analytics for coupon creation

Omnichannel distribution to reach every customer

One place to design and customize your printed and online coupons, preview your promotions, launch and monitor distributions through all channels, both online (with email, SMS and app) and at point of sale (with printed receipt).

Offer personalization for retailers coupons

Budget control and forecasting to ensure ROI

Hit your budget every single time and reduce overspending.

Loyal Guru’s technology allows you to adjust campaign cost, delivery, redemption rate and incremental sales so you know in advance how your campaign will perform before it reaches your customers’ hands.

Attract more CPG investment

Bring concrete value to your suppliers by sharing Loyal Guru’s automated campaign forecast and leveraging campaign data in your CPG promotion negotiations.

Share insights with suppliers

Monitor results in real-time

Analyze and optimize your campaign performance like never before.

Understand in real-time the true business value of your entire strategy and each individual campaign in terms of actual incremental uplift, with next level measurement and analytic capabilities.

Track campaign results ROI grocery

Collect and activate all your retail data across your entire tech stack

Built with security at its core

Remain secure and compliant with current industry standards and regulations.

Integrations made easy

Designed to work with your current tech stack and connect with third-party software with ease.

Google Cloud Platform

Retain 100% control and ownership over your data at all times.

24/7 Customer Support

Access our FAQs and Help Center for an answer to your question or get in touch with our friendly team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Retail personalization is the process of providing each shopper with a unique journey across every touchpoint and channel – based on historical data and real-time shopper intent – powered by customer and product Intelligence. The ultimate goal is to make customers feel unique, special, and emotionally connected, improving their shopping experience so they buy more, increase frequency and refer friends.

While almost every retailer today claims to personalize their shopper’s experience, very few do it right. Many retailers interchange segmentation and personalization.

Traditional customer segmentation groups people in cohorts. It focuses on labeling and boxing people, instead of treating them as individuals with specific style preferences and needs.

Real personalization requires brands to invest in tech and data, understand shopper intent and provide relevant communications that add true value in real-time. Every shopper is their own segment, and true personalization creates a unique journey for each customer.

There’s an intelligence behind assigning the best set of discounts or promos to each and every one of your customers. Loyal Guru powers millions of personalized offers, from execution to omnichannel delivery and real-time tracking.

This is where Loyal Guru’s Offer Engine comes into the picture. The goal is that every customer experiences a unique customer journey. This experience is built on:

  • Good data: Retailers need to be committed to collecting, cleansing, unifying and activating zero and first-party data. Data accuracy is necessary from start to finish of the customer journey, and AI powered retail automation ensures that customer data is precise.
  • Customer profiles: These include demographic, transactional and behavioural data

Loyal Guru’s Offer Personalization module is designed to help retailers to manage the huge task of creating personalized shopper journeys. Retailers have complete control on the offers that will get launched to their customer base. They can add business rules, decide how many products should appear, have different recommendations for different customers.

That’s a great question! Think of it this way: When you provide a truly personalized shopping experience—one in which shoppers feel understood, valued, and taken care of—you are poised to reap a wide range of business benefits, whether it is improved CX and stronger brand image, or more measurable financial results such as greater AOV, increased CLTV, more retention, enrichment or advocacy.

Don’t forget that in this day and age, it’s easy for competitors to imitate your products, prices and promotions. The last true way of differentiating your business is by providing a customer experience that feels on-point and individualized.

They do indeed; customers want to be understood. Though enjoying a personalized experience calls for accepting that brands will gather and use personal information, few people object. In fact, recent research reports that 90% of people find personalization appealing, and 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences.

Consumers today expect to be recognized by name, expect to have their preferences remembered, expect product recommendations and expect personalization that is relevant within the context of the situation.

Therefore, brands that have access to a Single Customer View can understand their customers and respond accordingly, significantly improving the customer experience, creating consistency across channels, increasing loyalty and revenue.

Loyal Guru´s offering is too robust to fully describe here, however it can be broadly summarized as the following:

  • Automated campaign plans: adept at managing millions of campaigns at scale. This feature offers budget control, intelligent audiences, automated forecast and real-time ROI tracking.
    • Choose from a variety of pre-designed campaign plans, such as CPG, up-sell/ cross sell, recovery, AOV, etc
    • Choose supplier and/or product
    • Select the best performing audiences that are automatically generated for you
    • Edit coupons
    • Review the automated intelligent forecast and easily go back and edit your campaign to meet your goals
    • Measure and track ROI for hundreds of campaigns and millions of coupons in one place
  • Custom campaigns: perfect for one-off, single segment campaigns that cover specific needs, such as slow-moving inventory, sending coupon reminders, etc

That is a great question! The thing is that we use state-of-the-art automation to help you scale up your offers. One of your clients creates 200 MILLION personalized coupons per month, without even breaking a sweat.

Yes! Loyal Guru focuses on quickly helping you get what you need, and grow from there.

Our software is crafted to coexist with your existing tech stack, whether you are looking for an ALL-IN-ONE solution or prefer to start with integrating simply one of our modules.

Of course! Our Privacy Policy honors CCPA, the GDPR, the Privacy Shield Framework.

Loyal Guru is built with security at its core and certified under ISO 27001. We comply with all data protection and privacy legislation so you can feel confident that your company and customer data remain secure and compliant.

Your data is encrypted at rest and protected by TLS in transit. Your Loyal Guru password is hashed using bcrypt. We limit internal access to critical tools and resources using time-based access. You can control access to your data sources and the platform with fine-grained permissions to manage how users interact with your customer data. Multi-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security beyond your username and password when logging into the platform.