What are the benefits of a simple points-based program?

More customer identification

Customers are required to identify themselves in order to earn points, which helps your company gather accurate customer and purchase data.

The quickest time-to-market

Point-based loyalty programs treat all customers the same, so there’s no need for complex segmentation and implementation is quick and simple.

Better and easier program budgeting

Point-based programs limit reward redemption according to the available loyalty currency. Unspent points help retailers to save additional money.

This is what you can do with Loyal Guru’s loyalty program rules engine

Award points for purchases

Award your customers with points every time they purchase in-store, on your website or app.

Transactional triggers fire in response to purchase processing events. Loyal Guru processes these events in real-time, whether the transaction happens online or at a point-of-sale.

Award Loyalty Points

Award points for engagement

Award points for actions such as joining your loyalty program, downloading your app, leaving a public review, or referring a friend.

Behavioral triggers fire in response to the non-purchase actions your brand deems valuable in your customer journey. These extra points encourage your customers to further engage with you and keep your brand top of mind.

loyalty rewards for engagement

Award points on special occasions

Award your customers with additional points at specific dates, when they check in your physical store or when they take action on your abandoned cart recovery messages.

In short, automated triggers create moments of surprise and delight. Loyal Guru makes it easy for your company to create unique and remarkable experiences for your customers.

award loyalty points for a special occasion

Partner up with 3rd party brands

Award your customers with points when they complete a purchase from one of your partner brands. 3rd party triggers fire in response to your customers completing a purchase with a partner company.

Loyal Guru handles the complex integrations, provides you a more complete picture of your customers’ purchasing habits and creates new opportunities for monetization.

loyalty partners third party rewards

Your customers can use their points as a payment method

,Define a points-to-cash conversion system (for example, every point is worth $0,10).  Subsequently allow your customers to pay with their points in-store, online or in your app.

loyalty points as payment method

Your customers can use their points to redeem rewards

Define a rewards catalog and set availability by time, tier, country.

In short, rewards can be experiential, digital, physical, straight-forward discounts or any combination of the above.

loyalty program reward redemption

Your customers can use a loyalty wallet to safely store their points

Unlike the traditional methods that required customers to carry plastic loyalty cards, with the help of Loyal Guru’s loyalty wallet your customers can access their updated points balance on your customer app, customer portal or at POS.

Also, create sub-divisions in your wallets to store points or currency of different values.

loyalty wallet retailers

Constrain points accumulation and points redemption

Define points expiration dates to prevent customers from becoming inactive, or constrain points accumulation to specific dates, stores, products, categories and more.

With Loyal Guru, you can set and adjust validation rules, such as disallowing discount combinations, so you can easily control the promotional budget.

loyalty programpoints validation and constraints

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