What are the benefits of a diverse rewards catalog?

Give the right reward to the right customer

Build an emotional bond through physical, digital and experiential rewards that best align with your brand values.

Automate reward delivery and save time

Engage and retain your loyal customers with exclusive rewards delivered instantly and efficiently.

Keep your customers coming back for more

Build meaningful and long-lasting connections with your members and design an unmatched experience that your customers will find nowhere else.

This is how you can reward your customers with Loyal Guru

Surprise members with a rich rewards catalog

Partner up with 3rd parties to offer your members a diversity of physical, digital or experiential rewards, such as subscriptions to Netflix or Spotify, free gas at your partner gas stations, free cinema tickets and more.

Loyalty Program rewards catalog

Offer permanent loyalty rewards to all, or by tiers

Reward your members with permanent advantages and perks, such as free delivery or returns, complimentary gift-wrapping, access to exclusive content, etc.

Permanent benefits can be available to all members, or tied to specific tiers.

loyalty members rewards

Easily enable your customers to exchange their points for rewards

Communicate real-time loyalty points balance with your members through multiple channels: POS receipt, ecommerce, app, SMS, email and push notifications – and allow them to redeem their rewards in-store and online.

exchange points for rewards

Prevent loyalty fraud

A good customer loyalty software helps you launch, manage, and track your loyalty program, enabling you to prevent loyalty fraud through validation rules, limiting promotions to members only, and much more.

prevent loyalty fraud

Access up-to-date and comprehensive reporting

Get reports delivered to your inbox or use our dashboard to get information on rewards redeemed and the overall success of your rewards program.

Loyalty analytics

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