5 Customer Data Platform use cases you didn’t know about

13 min. read
How do you know if collecting, securing and activating your customer data through a CDP is necessary for your retail business? The short answer is: knowing the common (and less…
CDP use cases
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Reverse Logistics

What is Reverse Logistics: Reverse logistics refers to the process of managing the movement of goods from their final destination back to the manufacturer or retailer. Unlike traditional logistics, which…
11 min. read
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Retail Returns

Returns in retail are unavoidable, and the explosive growth of ecommerce and retailers offering options like buy-online-return-in-store means customers are returning more products than ever. Considering the impact on profit,…
17 min. read
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Retail-Returns-in US

Loyalty Program Best Practices

There’s a notable trend in terms of loyalty program best practices. It relates to customers forming emotional bonds with brands, and truly going beyond mere points, cashback, or rewards. This…
10 min. read
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Loyalty Program Best Practices

Retail CMO job description

Retail CMOs play a pivotal role in shaping a retail brand’s image, driving customer engagement, and ultimately boosting sales. In this article, you’ll read a straightforward CMO job description and…
12 min. read
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retail CMO