What are the benefits of personalized discounts?

Attract new members to your program

Build meaningful and long-lasting connections with your members and design unmatched experiences that your customers will find nowhere else.

Encourage shoppers to try new products

Get your customers’ attention with discounts that help you move excess inventory and free up space & money for the most profitable products.

Avoid massive offers that hurt your brand

Deliver special and personalized deals and discounts to specific customer segments and create good-will and high customer satisfaction.

This is how retailers use personalized discounts, powered by Loyal Guru

Acquire new members with irresistible discounts

Offering a first-time discount to your new members is arguably the most effective way to get their attention and quickly draw them into your loyalty program.

Customer Acquisition loyalty program

Encourage repeat business with discounts

Loyalty managers can include personalized discount codes among their rewards, and make sure members remain active (and profitable!) over time.

Repeat purchases loyalty program

Easily manage special member prices

With Loyal Guru, add conditions on how discounts can be spent (ie, members need to spend over a certain amount in order to use their discount code).

Also, discounts can be fixed amount, item- or percentage-based, can have an expiry date and can exclude being stacked or used in conjunction with other promotions.

special member pricing retail

Delight your customers with gift cards

Gift cards are rewards that can be used as a form of payment, just like cash or a credit card.

Best of all, loyalty program managers can choose their preferred way to send rewards to members, and how those gift cards get redeemed, whether it’s in-store or online.

loyalty gift cards retail

Access up-to-date and comprehensive reporting

Receive insightful reports directly delivered to your inbox or use our dashboards to get information on discounts redeemed and the overall success of your discount initiatives.

Loyalty analytics

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