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Loyalty Solutions Engineered For Fast-Growth

Top-notch technology and decades of retail experience to help your business grow.

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Scale Your Customer Marketing

Transform More Customers Into Active Shoppers

We empower retailers with smart tools such as a Customer Data Platform, coupons and loyalty engines to help them acquire, retain and develop their customers having an ultimate impact on sales.

New Streams Of Revenue

Monetize Your Customer Data

Discover new ways to unlock revenue. Collect and unify customer data to share with your partners in a streamlined way.

Drive Better Customer Experiences

Customer Loyalty & Engagement

With a unified view of your customer base, identify customer segments and personalize loyalty programs, campaigns, and interactions across channels in real-time. Turn your customers into fans and keep them coming back.

Personalization To Increase ROI

Omnichannel Coupon Delivery And Redemption

Deliver millions of personalized coupons to your customers through any channel such as POS, email, SMS, push notification, App, and more. Our platform makes it easy for your customers to redeem their coupons anywhere.

Powerful Audience Creation

Hyper-Personalize Shopping

Create powerful audience segments to re-engage customers based on historical context or purchase behaviour for hyper-personalization in real-time.

Personalized Experiences From The Get-Go

Customer Acquisition And Retention

Use data to personalize the experience for first-time visitors. Keep them engaged with progressive offers and promotions that speak to their needs.

Reduce Customer Churn

Customer Recovery

Launch irresistible, personalized offers and reach out to those lapsed customers through the channel they prefer and make them come back for more.

Smart Promotion Management

Cross And Upsell

Use consumer data to immediately understand customer intent, product, and category affinities. Use insights to cross-sell and upsell products or categories to boost sales for low-performing items.

From Intuition To Data-Driven Planning

Category Penetration

Use our Retail Analytics module to plan, demand and personalize promotions that help you drive actual growth.

Grow Wallet Share

Supplier Collaboration & Monetization

Drive operational efficiency through intelligent supplier collaboration across category planning and personalized coupons.