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Why food retail marketers should care about personalization

During the past years, personalization has become a necessary tool for every business’s success. The main reason is that customers are expecting services that adapt to their individual needs and preferences. However, this is a strategy that not every supermarket has in mind when delivering promotional coupons. 

Loyalty programs lead to personalization

Having a loyalty program has become essential for food retailers, due to all these customer insights recollected that help retailers to nurture customer data. Those who have yet not implemented a loyalty program to improve the customer experience, are at a competitive disadvantage compared to other retailers in the industry.  For example, a supermarket that has a loyalty program is able to turn all customer data into the right coupons and deliver it to the right group of people, obtaining as a result a higher redemption rate.

Regardless of the context, customer loyalty is always essential. Food retailers are capable of collecting customer insights and understanding customer behavior when they offer loyalty programs. 

Data and personalization to custom offers

Food retailers that still use traditional approaches to deliver custom offers spend a lot of time and effort developing these and matching them to segments of customers who have similar characteristics, purchase behavior, or preferences.Technology tools boost this process. 

Furthermore, using the right channels and customer data help food retailers to customize promotions even more. It’s essential to keep rewards, promotions, and non-repeating messages, in order to ensure customers don’t get bored with a repetitive experience. To do this, having an updated database and delivering automated promotional campaigns, are the key to keep customers coming back.

Leveraging data, a supermarket, for example, can send a text message with a special promotion to the customers who haven’t shopped at its stores for a long time, but would surely be interested in a discount on their next shopping trip. 

While a supermarket that sends massive promotional offers won’t be able to attract customers and its investment in promotional campaigns will not reach the return expected, a retailer that sends thousand personalized offers gets a better redemption rate and therefore an increase in sales. 

As a retail marketer, you should know how important it is to drive customer loyalty, and how many platforms in the market can help you create hundreds of custom offers to your entire customer channel in a hyper-personalized way. These loyalty marketing platforms help retailers like you to enhance customer experiences, increase revenues, acquire new customers, and decrease churn rate. 

Using loyalty platforms to remain competitive

Loyalty platforms are crucial to scaling personalization. Once consumer data has been collected from all touchpoints, it needs to be transformed to unveil additional customer insights: the more specific the customer’s overview, the more accurate the predictions will be to the decision-making. Keeping the right connection with customers will be the bridge to achieve an increase in sales quickly, and connecting with customers will lead to personalization, which will definitely play a critical role from the customer lifecycle, acquisition, retention, until customer engagement.

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