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Life at Loyal Guru: Jose behind The Engineering Team

Jose from Engineering team_Loyal Guru

We spoke to Jose, an important team member of Loyal Guru’s Engineering Team about his experience as a Front-end developer since 2014, as well as what he has learned along the way.

Let’s take a look at what he shared with us:

Tell us, José, how did you get started in the Front-end world?

Since college, where I studied advertising and graphic design, I’ve liked programming graphical interfaces, games, and web applications. At that time I lived in Argentina, I was increasingly interested in web and games development. After arriving in Barcelona, I had the opportunity of working at Loyal Guru to dedicate myself fully to the development of APPs using Angularjs and Ionic, and a couple of years later I decided to specialize myself completely in front-end development, specifically using the latest versions of Angular and Typescript.

What do you like most in your day-to-day life as a developer?

I really like the variety of modules and tools that we have developed over time. At Loyal Guru, we have the opportunity to work on our platform constantly with the goal of improving end-user interaction. Another thing that I really like about working at Loyal Guru, is having the opportunity to suggest new ideas and possible improvements that will make the graphical interface and overall product easier to use time after time.

What technologies do you work with on a regular basis and under what methodologies?

Our day-to-day technology stack includes mainly Angular and Typescript, we use Jest for unit tests and Sentry for exception detection. In addition to that, we use Scrum as an agile methodology, which in short, is made up of 2-week sprints and daily meetings.

How is your day-to-day as a Front-end developer at Loyal Guru?

We start the day with more or less 1 hour of reviewing tasks from the previous day and pending user histories. After this, we host a daily meeting with all the team members. The day-to-day is about establishing contacts with the backend developers to proceed with the development of the functionality itself. We also have other types of meetings that are used as a space to shape the new functionalities of the product, refine future tasks, and discuss with the whole team the best possible technical solutions to given problems.

Why Loyal Guru? Why are you proud of working at Loyal Guru?

Something that makes me feel very proud is that during the four years and a half that I have been working in the company, it has grown almost 10 times. We went from being 6 people at a table within a shared space to being almost 70 people already distributed in different departments that we have seen grow.  Loyal Guru seeks to reach the full potential of each employee and despite not having the biggest team, we compete daily (and win!) against companies with giant workforces. 

And finally, what would you say to a future co-worker?

I would tell him/her: you have reached a place where you can grow professionally, a lot, you get to use and try different technologies and even train yourself as a full-stack or specialize in mobile application development. Your suggestions will always be heard and you will have time and space for personal development. At Loyal Guru, you can learn from many people as well as contribute with your own knowledge to the rest of the company.

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