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Loyal Guru Retail Analytics dashboard
Why Loyal Guru

You’re only as good as the data that drives your business

AI-Powered Promotions

Retail business intelligence

Our platform is optimized for retail’s high-frequency purchases, high-volume product catalogs, and deep product taxonomy, organizing data in a clear and useful way for smooth decision-making processes.


Real-time, visual dashboards

Get more from your data with out-of-the-box, visual dashboards that make it easy for your teams to draw conclusions and understand how sales, stores, products, categories, and customer segments are performing in real-time.


Interactive visual analytics

Drive better outcomes through smarter data-driven decisions. Our modern, interactive dashboards bring clarity to every department while our smart data filters allow for row-level explorations, data discovery, and more.


Prescriptive analytics models

Get started in just a few days and quickly identify preferred affinities between customers, products, and brands. Replace guesswork with data-driven insights for smarter, faster decisions concerning product placement, promotions, stock, and more.

Analytics from every point of view

Unmatched Data & Insights that meet your business needs

All of your Retailers’ data in one place

Retail Group Analytics

True governance across any data. A single easy-to-use tool with a unified and accurate view of all your banners’ sales performance, campaigns, and loyalty programs.

Loyal Guru Retail Group Analytics Dashboard
Loyal Guru retailer analytics
Understand how you’re performing

Retailer Analytics

Understand how your business is performing, from store sales to products, category migration, and penetration. Make use of our analytics dashboards to track KPIs, drive comparisons, understand evolution parameters to pinpoint business opportunities, and anticipate customers’ needs.

Loyal Guru retailer analytics
Get to know your customers

Shopper Analytics

Real-time shopper intelligence and analytics that drive engagement and growth. Understand your customers’ purchase behavior, audiences, and engagement. Thanks to the single customer view you’ll have a full overview of your customers’ behavior, their category and product preferences, their churn rate, profitability, and Lifetime Value.

shopper analytics dashboard
supplier analytics dashboard
Product-level insights for each of your suppliers

Supplier Analytics

Quickly transform stores and inventory data into actionable insights to share with your suppliers, drive an improvement in sales, shopper satisfaction, and ultimately in profitability. Leverage Loyal Guru’s Analytics Module to collaborate with your suppliers and fill in their knowledge gaps to address: promotion plannings, category management, and forecasting.

supplier analytics dashboard