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Audience Management
Why Loyal Guru

create, manage and update customer audiences


Create your audiences intuitively

No tech skills required. Our drag-and-drop editor allows you to create segments on the fly down to categories and product granularity. Use these audiences to analyze customer behavior, deliver hyper-personalized offers, and more.

True omnichannel delivery and redemption

Pre-made retail audiences

Hundreds of out-of-the-box, and ready-to-use segments that make it easy for your teams to get started from day one.


Dynamic segmentations

Tag your dynamic segments and create periodic snapshots to understand their evolution and status in specific moments over time.


Load external audiences

Upload your own AI models and clustered groups to Loyal Guru’s platform. Combine them with other existing segments or create new ones to create extremely powerful customer engagements.

Bespoke customer segments on the fly

An intuitive, user-friendly platform to build custom audiences without relying on IT

Drag & Drop Editor

Marketers can rapidly slice and dice customer segments to any level of granularity (category, product, expenditure…) without SQL queries or statistical software, choosing from hundreds of calculated attributes.

Product Granularity

Segment your customers based on real-time, line-level receipt data such as products, categories, and purchases. Build segments from hundreds of other attributes such as demographics, location, preferences, online and offline purchase behavior, events, or traits.

Audiences based on your data

Our Platform collects your data in real-time so you can create customer audiences based on their omnichannel behavior (purchases at POS, on e-commerce, customer support tickets, and more).

Real-time insights to every segment created

Get useful insights from your custom-built segments related to their contact points, i.e duplicated phone numbers, wrong or empty email addresses, and more.

Audience Management drag and drop builder
Audience Management retail audiences
Pre-created audiences

Hundreds of retail-ready, Out-Of-The-Box audiences for speedy analysis, campaign, pricing, and product planning

Unbeatable time-to-market

View and manage, from day one, hundreds of pre-created segments ready to use for analysis, campaign creation, personalization, and more.

Retail-specific segments

Understand in a blink of an eye how your customers behave, spend, or consumed at their peak, as well as their recency, frequency, or monetary value. Plan strategies to re-engage and connect with low buyers, high buyers, non-purchasers, and much more.

Audience Management retail audiences
Strategic Audience Management

Easily manage those audiences important to your business

Have a full overview of those audiences which are most important to your teams

From the get-go, define strategic segments you’d like to keep track of. These will be recalculated each set period for you to review.

Keep track of your usual segments or create new strategic ones

Our Audience Management Module makes it easy for your team to view your segments’ changes and performance. For example, easily keep tabs on your loyal, sporadic, and shared customers or segment them by purchasing power into Gold, Silver, Bronze. The possibilities are endless.

Audience Management strategic for retail
Audience Management with AI
Load your external AI Models to create intelligent audiences

Create smart audiences by leveraging the power of AI

Use your AI models to create hundreds of even more powerful audiences

Upload your models and use them to segment your customers. Combine them with other conditions to hyper-target your actions transforming more customers into active shoppers.

Audience Management with AI
All Bases covered

Get the most out of your Audiences

Offer personalisation

Launch hyper-targeted campaigns and offers and make your customers feel special.

Customer experience

Personalize every interaction from web browsing, to purchase confirmation and customer support, make every customer feel seen and valued by your teams.


Analyze your customers’ behavior with visual dashboards for clearer and faster decision-making.