Loyal Guru helps retailers unlock untapped revenue with high converting coupons and offers

Scale up by 200 your company’s personalized offers in one fifth of the time

Above all, drive additional sales with personalized and time-sensitive promotions that don’t eat away from your profit margins.

Easily control your budget and generate the highest ROI

Make decisions based on data and not gut feelings. Regain negotiation power with CPGs or partner brands and let them help you fund your campaigns.

Predict the likelihood customers will buy and ensure a high redemption rate

Launch unique vouchers in just a few clicks, and inspire your customers to buy sooner and more with the right offer at the right time.

This is what you can do with automated campaigns powered by Loyal Guru

Select your pre-defined campaign plan or choose to build your own

Load pre-defined recovery, upsell, cross-sell, CPG or custom campaigns. Loyal Guru’s retail-ready toolkit quickly tackles the most common retail challenges.

Pre-created coupon campaign toolbox grocery

Easily add selected products to your campaign

Apply machine learning and AI to optimize offer selection.

Loyal Guru’s offer library allows you to design and personalize your coupons, offers and promotions on an individual base.

select products for discount coupon grocery

Use automatic Smart Audience suggestions

Our platform automatically recommends the best performing audiences based on historical purchase and browsing data and real-time shopper intent. Design a CX that feels on-point and individualized for each and every customer.

audience suggestion coupon campaigns

Edit coupon type and value

Easily edit coupons and select reminder channels. Our library of marketing friendly coupon templates can be easily configured or customized to drive effective offers.

Campaign forecast coupon redemtion rate

Review in advance an accurate forecast on campaigns’ performance

Meet your budget every single time. Go back and edit your campaign until you feel comfortable to launch.

couponing campaign grocery forecast

Work closely with your suppliers to increase wallet share & monetization

Turn data into assets. Work closely with your CPG suppliers, improve business relationships and increase monetization for your campaigns.

Give them access to a portal where they can review campaign forecast, performance results and ROI.

increase CPG supplier monetization

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