What’s the impact of budget control on your offers?

Stay on top of business finances

Loyal Guru’s technology allows you to adjust campaign cost, delivery, redemption rate and incremental sales so you know how your campaign will perform before it reaches your customers’ hands.

Generate the highest ROI

Benefit from greater AOV, increased CLTV, bigger wallet share and advocacy, while generating a customer experience that feels on-point and individualized.

Regain negotiation power with CPGs and let them help you fund campaigns.

Bring concrete value to your suppliers by sharing Loyal Guru’s campaign forecast, results and ROI, and improve business relationships.

Stop overspending on offers and meet your budget.
Every. Single. Time.

Generate micro-segments without the need to ask help from IT

Don’t wait for a file with emails of users you’re targeting. Use the drag and drop editor to quickly slice and dice customer segments choosing from dozens of predefined attributes, such as purchases, products, categories, stores, payment method, last activity and more.

Automate budgets & limits for your personalized offers

Protect your budget with smart validation rules for your coupon campaigns.

Your marketing team can define order structure and budget constraints conditions, ensuring that only specific orders can claim discounts and that each customer can redeem the offer only once – or any other designated number of times.

Review in advance an accurate forecast on campaigns’ performance

Our personalization engine let’s you review the numbers before hitting the GO button. If you are not satisfied with the forecasted results, go back and edit your campaign until you feel comfortable to launch.

Get the reports that matter most to you

Use your data to improve budget allocation over time. See how many redemptions were successful and how many failed – and why – discovering hidden insights that give you a competitive advantage.

Never again miss red flags or major opportunities.

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