Why you might prefer Loyal Guru over Salesforce

Loyal Guru is 100% built to handle the huge volumes of retail data. No ifs, ands or buts

While Salesforce spreads itself fairly well across B2B, B2C and ecommerce, Loyal Guru is 100% built and developed with retail at the center of its heart.

Loyal Guru has native integration with POS

When it comes to point-of-sale integration, we’re a powerhouse (yes, we know what sets us apart and are not afraid to say it).

Loyalty Data SaaS easy integration

All the benefits of tech – without expecting your team to be tech savvy

Compared to Salesforce – which isn’t as seamless and intuitive as you want it to be, whose integrations can be tricky to set up and which requires huge adhoc development – Loyal Guru’s user experience is clutter-free, smooth and easy to use from day one.

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Borja Sanfeliu, CEO & co-founder at Loyal Guru

We want the same thing you do: success for your retail business. This means helping you pick the tools that will get you the most bang for your buck.

These are some of the benefits our clients value the most:


New monetization opportunities, increased productivity & faster decision-making across the entire organization.


No more dependence on IT department. Design and launch new loyalty initiatives in minutes, not weeks.


Consolidates your team’s tech stack with customer data, loyalty and analytics all in one place.

“Digitization and getting to know the consumer better through Big DATA is key to the success of Euromadi members. Loyal Guru has been an important piece on this journey, helping our members consolidate data, unify processes and access insights to develop sales in specific categories.”
Josep Martínez
Commercial Director of Euromadi
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20M+ customers’ data unified in one Single Source of Truth

Feature comparison between Salesforce and Loyal Guru

Compared to Salesforce – which isn’t as seamless as you would want it to be, whose integrations can be tricky to set up and which requires huge ad-hoc development – Loyal Guru’s solution is retail-specific, no ad-hoc development necessary.

Salesforce requires several integrations to different tools, and integrations take long to implement. Also, with Salesforce, the IT department will have to implement complex setup for each and every new loyalty workflow.

On the contrary, Loyal Guru offers:

  • API-based system integrations with POS, ecommerce, mobile, omnichannel communication cover all your bases
  • Ideal for Brick & Mortar retailers. Process sales receipts and receipt lines. Grant loyalty points for products, total basket, category and allow customers to pay with their points IN REAL TIME
  • Connect all retail data sources and identify household accounts or family members for more relevant and accurate activation and customer experience

In essence, your marketing team will no longer be forced to wait on overburdened IT departments to make things happen.

A support team that provides a depth of industry and operating experience in loyalty and retail

While Salesforce is an industry-agnostic solution with a wide range of functionalities, Loyal Guru’s retail-specific focus and expertise helps Enterprise Retailers implement the most effective strategies.

Included with our modules is:

  • Dedicated Customer Success manager
  • Top-level technical support
  • On demand consultancy services available through partners

With Loyal Guru you get a retail-specific loyalty solution with better points earn & burn mechanics.

Salesforce does not support coupons or points integration within their SF Marketing Cloud, and their loyalty module does not support payments with points at POS.

With Loyal Guru, you can easily build accumulation rules, support omnichannel points redemption and allow payments with points at POS. In essence, retailers can:

  • Award points through purchases of specific products or brands, in specific shops or on specific dates
  • Reward non-transactional behavior, such as downloading the app, referring a friend, writing a review or engaging online
  • Award fixed amount of points based on behavioral or automatic triggers and proportional points based on spend
  • Allow payments with points at POS

With Loyal Guru, retailers can define how customers earn & burn points with flexible loyalty program types

Unlike Salesforce, Loyal Guru’s solution was built to cover use cases specific to retailers, such as:

  • Cancel points earned from products that were returned
  • Connect return shipment data to messaging channels and let customers know when their return is received and their accounts are credited
  • Incorporate feedback to the customer profile to make more relevant personalized offers in the future

When effectively managed, returns are a valuable opportunity to recover lost profits, while delivering an experience that makes customers want to come back.

For Enterprise Retailers with an international presence, cross-country loyalty programs are the answer to a global overview of loyalty performance, faster time-to-market and more value in day-to-day operations.

  • Customers can shop, earn and redeem points when traveling internationally for business or pleasure
  • Customers see offers, coupons and discounts in their local currency
  • Retailers can make sure they offer a balanced and consistent rewards economy across all regions


Salesforce has narrow gamification capabilities for retailers, specifically limited to tiered loyalty. With Loyal Guru, retailers have a rich variety of options to engage customers, create buzz and extend CLTV, such as:

  • Celebrate your customers’ accomplishments with leaderboards
  • Award badges when customers reach specific milestones
  • Design contests to elevate the collaborative or competitive spirit
  • Promote and award points for social sharing in order to create turn clients into ambassadors

You might want to track and compare sales and transactions performance across different subsidiaries or countries, measure identified and unidentified sales, or share specific data with your supplier to encourage future deals.

  • Use smart data filters for row-level explorations and data discovery
  • Access specific analytics for retail’s high-frequency purchases, high-volume product catalogs and deep product taxonomy.
  • Use real-time, specific reports for effective budget control

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