Tangible benefits from managing consent with Loyal Guru

Protect your customers’ data and preferences

Collect and manage consent directly from your customers while building trust and transparency with you customer base.

Avoid fines and damages to brand reputation

Data laws and regulations are becoming more strict over the years, with customers, governments and agencies demanding more compliance.

Get ready for a cookie-less world

Don’t delay preparing for a world without third party data, and be first to adopt new and exciting opportunities that arise from data insights, audience management and relevant personalization.

How Loyal Guru helps you comply with global privacy laws

Truly implement a zero-party data strategy

Capture data with progressive profiling and ongoing enrichment strategies, and centrally manage consents across all channels.

Define your consent categories, and get a lifetime overview of consent history.

consent GDPR CCPA

Address privacy concerns

Inform customers about which types of data your business will collect and what it will be used for, securely store their consent data and preferences, and handle data alteration requests automatically.

With a privacy-centric data layer approach, brands can achieve greater mastery over first-party customer data while lowering their risk of non-compliance.

address data privacy concerns

Collect and manage customers’ consent & preferences

Unify siloed consent and marketing preferences data from multiple data sources and reflect the customer’s choices in relevant marketing channels, at scale.

Consent data that is updated in real-time increases the speed of campaign activation as well as the number of parallel campaigns live at one time.

Collect and manage communication preferences

Reflect consent preferences in all communication channels

Operate at speed and scale, assured that all customer data includes the correct consent choices.

Contrast this with third-party data, which is data collected from external sources, often without the customer’s knowledge or explicit consent.

consent management in retail channels

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