What’s the impact of a smart coupon strategy on your retail business?

Get consumers’ attention and increase customer spend

Steer shoppers towards specific products, introduce new product lines or encourage customers to try a more profitable brand.

Ensure fast campaign time-to-market

Thanks to API-first integration and retail-ready functionalities, your coupon campaigns will be ready in virtually no time, giving you the flexibility and capacity to launch millions of promotions.

Secure promotional budget in a price-sensitive environment.

Leverage your first-party data and our campaign forecast to generate a new revenue stream through CPG funding.

Boost retail revenue with Loyal Guru’s API-powered coupon software

Launch millions of attractive coupons in minutes, not weeks

Manage unique coupon codes with little to no IT development. Enjoy total flexibility on coupon conditions, validity, type, value and customer targeting.

Campaigns can be customized to fit the unique needs of your business.

Loyalty App for grocers personalized coupons

Use AI for smart and effective couponing at an unprecedented scale.

Our technology can look at trillions of different outcomes and combinations that influence a purchase and uncover patterns in data and customer behavior.

Create coupon campaigns that are personalized and targeted to certain users or user groups with specific attributes.

Share promo codes via any channel and get your customers to redeem them online or at POS.

Make sure you offer safe and customer-friendly methods to process coupon redemption.

Protect your campaigns from coupon abuse with built-in security measures, such as custom codes, redemption limits, and time-limited validity.

Benefit from real-time analysis

Analyze customer data in real time and make adjustments to their coupon campaigns as needed.

Track coupon usage over time and gain insights into what your shoppers want.

Match your substantial profits with the planned results.

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