Retention-driving initiatives to optimize loyalty and sales growth

Launch and measure retention-driving initiatives, such as tiered loyalty programs, vouchers, discounts, points, rewards, gamification and more.

customer retention initiatives in retail

Personalize your approach for maximum engagement and conversion

Identify the untapped opportunities in specific customer segments and prioritize your resources accordingly. Design and deliver tailored and effective promotions to different segments, such as customers at risk of leaving your brand, high spenders with growth potential, price-sensitive buyers and more.

audience suggestion coupon campaigns

Analyze and measure customer behavior to monitor your strategy’s impact on business outcomes

Understand buyer motivations, consumer preferences, trends and opportunities for growth. Deep dive into your customer database to glean actionable insights that drive the business.

Analyzing customer behavior retail

Loyal Guru’s added value for CRM and Loyalty Managers

Enjoy an industry-leading loyalty feature set

Show your creative approach to loyalty program development and differentiation.

Ensure profitable program management

Optimize reward mix, earn and burn mechanics, gamification strategies, and technology processes.

Strengthen your brand and reputation

Offer experiences, rewards, incentives and opportunities your customers can’t get anywhere else.

Use gamification to inspire advocacy and engagement

Motivate your customers to act, share and recommend your brand through consumer-centric engagement strategies.

Manage and monitor business KPIs

Access retail-ready reports and dashboards to facilitate data-driven decisions in your company.

Discover endless promotion possibilities

Design and deliver effective loyalty initiatives. You never imagined having so much functionality in one tool.

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Loyal Guru has been a great ally in launching our international loyalty program. Since we started designing ‘Mango likes you’, we wanted it to be an omnichannel program with a rich variety of initiatives and experiences. We also wanted it to be as simple as possible for the user. Loyal Guru has helped us succeed at both and that brings great value to our clients.
Guillermo Corominas
Former Chief Client Officer at Mango
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20M+ customers worldwide through their global loyalty program