What are the benefits of a global loyalty program?

Faster time-to-market

Build meaningful and long-lasting connections with your members and design an unmatched experience that your customers will find nowhere else.

More value in day to day operations

Leverage your resources (team, time and money) and avoid designing a separate reward system for each country you operate in.

Better customer experience

Unify your program across markets, and support your members to engage, shop, earn and redeem points when traveling for business or pleasure.

This is how you can run a cross-country, cross-currency loyalty program
with Loyal Guru

Manage your global program centrally for efficiency and better performance

Define your loyalty strategy and loyalty mechanics centrally, and implement locally with custom look and feel.

Simplify your tech stack with single loyalty system integration, streamline operations and manage global partners that create more value and bigger ROI.

global loyalty program for retail

Access a wealth of global customer insights

Access and analyze a significant amount of data that generates highly valuable reports on the overall success of your rewards program, down to the detail of country, shop, product or category. Make decisions based on data and not (only) gut feelings.

customer insights loyalty program

Simple currency management for all markets

Simplify and streamline the financial aspects of your loyalty program with a balanced and consistent rewards economy across countries or regions.

Set a conversion rate for each currency. The value for cross border points are converted to the customer’s registered (home)country.

currency conversion loyalty program

Build a global community

Consider the customer’s experience when purchasing from your brand in multiple countries, as they will expect to earn points when shopping in different locations.

Global loyalty community members

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