Set up custom campaigns in minutes, not hours

Automated processes to save time and money

From smart audience suggestions, to coupon creation, forecast and budgeting. Everything around your custom offer personalization efforts is quick and easy so you the best bang for your buck.

Robust, solid and effective solution

An API-first platform built on top of Google Cloud, making it your best bet to scale your couponing operations.

Focused on helping grocers boost investment from CPGs

Working with 50+ grocers around the world, we know the business inside out, and have designed our platform accordingly. No ad-hoc development necessary.

This is what you can do with custom campaigns powered by Loyal Guru

Ideal to create one-off, single promotional campaigns to cover specific needs

Build each component of your campaign separately and put it all together once you’re ready to deliver.

custom, one off coupon campaigns grocery

Create discounts and define every aspect of your promotion

Easily define offer conditions. Any offer that you create can be redeemed in-store and/or online.

grocery coupon campaign definition

Drag & drop conditions to create one or multiple audiences

Choose from dozens of line-level conditions, such as receipts, products, categories, stores, online engagement history and more.

audience creation drag and drop builder retail

Choose from hundreds of templates to launch coupon reminders

Our platform hosts pre-created templates for SMS, landing pages and emails or you can build your own to quickly scale your custom campaigns and offer personalization efforts.

coupon templates grocery

Deliver your coupons through any channel, measure results and optimize.

Communicate your personalized offers on your e-commerce site, POS, app, newsletters, email, SMS & push notifications.

In addition, measure results in real time with powerful retail analytics dashboards and reports.

track ROI of coupon campaigns and redemption rate grocery

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