What are the benefits of collecting disparate data sources into one single platform?

Bridge silos of online and offline data

Make data accessible where and when you need it. With Loyal Guru’s CDP, the entire company has a holistic customer view.

Real-time and complete customer view

Access data around identity, interests, transactions, behaviors, activity and consent, and become more customer-centric and data-driven.

More effective customer activation

Use complete, coherent and relevant data to fuel segmentation and personalization. Communications are more engaging and offers are more effective.

This is how you collect your customer data with Loyal Guru

Real-time data ingestion from all sources

With a focus on Enterprise Retail data sources, our systems are engineered to update in real-time and work at scale.

Bridge silos of online and offline data, and make data accessible where and when you nee it.

Choose from out-of-the-box API integrations with the most popular retail sources.

Loyal Guru data collection

Current and complete data in a Single Customer View

Get full access to unified and actionable 1st party data so you can save your marketing budget for the right actions

Access a single view of the customer — including historical data, current interactions updated in real time, and predicted future behavior — in a way that’s intuitive for marketers to digest and take action on.

Single Customer View

Real-time customer segmentation

Personalize shopping experiences using both customer and product data in real time.

Don’t rely on just historical data for personalization — define and build customer segments as they interact with your website or in-store.

With our smart Audience Manager, every interaction leads to a more personalized customer experience and more loyal and valuable customers.

Pre-created retail segments

Harness the power of Data Intelligence

When customer data is scattered, insights are incomplete, unmanageable, and slow to surface.

By unifying customer data in one platform, you have all data available to drive insights that are more complete and quicker to act upon.

Access up-to-date and comprehensive reporting

Out-of-the-box dashboards, custom reporting, smart analysis of churn rate, customer lifetime value and more.

Our Advanced Retail Analytics includes all the reports your marketing, IT and management teams need to measure campaign performance, gather insights on customer behavior, and report on custom metrics and goals.

CDP Data dashboards

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