What’s the impact of data enrichment on your business?

The most up to date customer insights

Helping marketers, loyalty managers and data scientists better understand customer behavior and each interaction with their brand.

Best-in-class predictions

Standardizing calculated values across the entire marketing and analytics stack, platforms and tools to predict customer behavior with AI/ML.

Next level segmentation

Enabling and targeting personalized campaigns with the most relevant audiences for successful customer activation.

Loyal Guru generates data from data and enriches customer profiles for better analysis and activation

Enrich your Single Customer View with out-of-the-box calculated attributes

A calculated attribute (CA) is a read-only value of a single user, such as churn propensity, favourite store, monthly expenditure and more.

CDP Enrich Single Customer View

Configure your own custom calculated attributes

Flexibly define calculation formula, calculation period, etc. Our CDP allows you to evolve your customer view and understand your shoppers in infinite dimensions without the need of ad-hoc development.

understand shoppers enrichment

Easily schedule data synchronization

Most retailers value scheduled updates over real-time synchronization triggered by specific events. With Loyal Guru’s CDP calculations are either synchronous (sent with the batch of data being processed) or asynchronous (sent with the next batch).

Customer Data Platform data sync

Make calculated attributes available for analysis and activation

Whether it serves your marketing or data teams, calculated attributes are available within dashboards, APIs, Big Query and our audience segmentation module.

CDP calculated attributes

More accurate predictive modelling

Use your data to identify “lookalikes” within other customer sets, and classify or tag customers based on indicators such as shopping style, family type, dietary habits, and more.

CDP Lookalike audiences

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