Seamless integration

Adopting new technology has never been easier.

With personalized onboarding tech support and our customer success managers helping retailer teams every step of the way, set up native API and file exchange integrations once, and let our software do the rest.

Eliminate data silos across the entire organization

Get rid of blind spots and manual processes.

Collect, unify, cleanse and access customer and transactional data from all retail touchpoints, creating an actionable 360º customer profile.


Covers in REAL-TIME all retail specific use cases

Your retail customers’ loyalty wallets get instantly updated when they purchase in-store or online, so they can see their points balance on their printed receipt, app or customer portal, pay with points or instantly claim rewards.

Our platform ensures your loyalty and offers run smoothly with minimal downtime, overcoming peak-time traffic during Black Friday, Cyber Monday or holiday promotions.

Loyal Guru’s added value for Data Teams & IT

Integrates with your current tech stack

Our API-first platform is designed to easily work with your current tech stack and connect with third-party software with ease.

Flexible, scalable and modular solution

Modules and functionalities can be added, removed or upgraded as you grow and scale your loyalty operation.

True identity management and resolution

Our platform matches identities across devices & touch points into a single customer profile.

Built with security at its core

Your company and customer data remain secure thanks to industry-accepted certifications and compliance with regulations.

Ultimate data governance

Loyal Guru ensures your data is managed as an asset, including the availability, usability, consistency, integrity and security of your data.

24/7 Customer Support

Our technical team will ensure a successful setup and launch. Our customer service team is available 24/7.

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“We already had a solid identified customer database but needed to centralize it to obtain relevant customer insights and make them available across the entire organization”
Alessandro Pugliese
CRM & Ecommerce Manager at Maiora
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Loyal Guru delivered an extremely fast go-to-market of under 2 months.