What’s the impact of ensuring good management of Household Accounts?

Improve the customer experience

Communicate how your loyalty program is more convenient and valuable so that members stay active longer.

Help members access more attractive rewards

More points equal better rewards, which encourages your members to stay engaged.

Allow members to build their balance faster

Your customers can pool points from purchases and non-transactional engagements and see their points balance grow.

How to leverage Household Accounts with Loyal Guru

Offer added flexibility and convenience

With Loyal Guru you will be able to group individual members under a single household account, also known as “family account” or “householding”.

Once created, all points from all members will be available for redemptions.

Household accounts member profiles

Access a data gold mine

Pooled accounts are a data gold mine that allow grocery and retail businesses to learn more about their customers.

This will enable you to address them as a whole and launch more effective personalized campaigns and get higher conversions.

offer personalization for household accounts

Manage family account restrictions

Set up restrictions such as living in the same household or validating family relationship (upon request), or defined validation rules for the points awarded and redeemed.

Allow transfers between members

In addition to pooling points, transferring points may be the next best thing.

With Loyal Guru, your members can transfer points to other members, or donate their points to a special cause or NGO.

Household loyalty CDP

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