Uncovering How Exceptional Brands Retain their Customers and Build Loyalty

Studies show that keeping customers coming back will result in greater ROI, plus it costs 5 to 25 times less
Customer retention

What is better than acquiring a new customer for your Retail Business?

You might be tempted to think: “acquiring two new customers!” But no, the answer is actually retaining an existing customer.

“Studies show that keeping customers coming back will result in greater ROI, plus it costs 5 to 25 times less”.

The name of the game is customer loyalty, and top-level retailers know the value of staying up-to-date, implementing, and experimenting with relevant loyalty program trends.

You know the loyalty program landscape is constantly evolving and there’s a new set of must-have loyalty tactics. But which ones are truly essential and how will they bring you closer to maximizing your results?

Retail CMOs have been struggling for too long to know where to focus their efforts when launching and developing a loyalty program that really works.

This is how loyalty and retention programs are evolving:

  1. Consumers are interested in both financial and experiential rewards
  2. Emotional Loyalty continues to rise
  3. Mobile access is no longer a nice-to-have
  4. Data collection, data-insights & data-driven campaigns are key to profitability

Interested to know more?

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