PetSmart's Treats loyalty program review

Enhancing the Pet-Owner bond with tips, personalized offers and pet-centric rewards
petsmart loyalty program

About PetSmart

PetSmart sells and distributes a wide variety of pet and equine products including pet food, treats, litter, pet supplies, live fish, birds, and small animals and other goods and equine related products through retail stores, e-commerce, and catalogs.

PetSmart is a privately held chain of pet superstore. It´s the leading North American pet company, and its direct competitor is Petco. Its indirect competitors are Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Pet grooming and pet training classes are unique to the PetSmart experience. Pet owners cannot find these services at the local discount store and this creates a reason to visit a PetSmart center.

PetSmart’s strategy is to be the preferred provider for the lifetime needs of pets.

We are devoted to helping pets live their healthiest, happiest lives. We see each day as a competition to be won. We embrace challenges, take prudent risks and celebrate successes.

The company has identified a large segment of the population with characteristics of the “pet enthusiast”. Pet enthusiasts are passionately committed to their pets and consider their pet a family member. PETsMART works to align each aspect of its business with the needs, desires and aspirations of pet enthusiasts and other key customer segments as follows:

  • Provide customers with value through product selection and pricing. PetSmart’s strategy includes offering the most complete assortment of pet-related products and services in the marketplace at the right price. The average PETsMART store typically carries approximately 12,000 pet-related items.
  • Grow pet services. PetSmart is the nation’s largest provider of professional grooming and pet training. PETsMART has directed additional resources at pet training classes, from basic puppy to adult obedience, with the goal of becoming the industry leader.
  • Offer outstanding customer service. The company is committed to training, personnel development and giving associates the skills and expertise to forge positive relationships with customers and become the source for information and advice.
  • Improve the shopping experience. The company developed a store format that highlights services and organizes the store around how customers shop. The format organizes products and services by pet type, and is designed to enhance sales productivity and reinforce the PETsMART brand. is the Internet’s most visited pet-related e-commerce site as rated by independent Internet sources.

The PetSmart Treats loyalty program

In 2018, PetSmart partnered with Aimia (now Kognitiv), provider of loyalty solutions, to create loyalty program focused on rewarding loyal pet parents with relevant offers and incentives.

Treats is their points-based loyalty program that rewards members every time they shop in stores and online or make a donation to PetSmart Charities® in stores at the pin pad or online.

Members earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. Plus, they also receive exclusive deals and discounts via email, and a surprise on their pet’s birthday.

Program objectives:

The primary objectives of PetSmart’s Treats Loyalty Program are to cultivate customer loyalty, encourage responsible pet care choices, and offer valuable pet-centric benefits. By providing a range of rewards, personalized recommendations, and access to pet resources, PetSmart aims to build lasting connections with pet owners while ensuring the well-being of their furry companions.

Our pet parents are at the heart of every decision we make. Building and maintaining relationships with our customer base is a top priority, and we’re excited that PetSmart Treats will allow us to truly recognize and reward our pet parents for their continued loyalty. Joshua Kanter, executive vice president of Customer Experience for PetSmart

The company is committed to making ongoing investments in its information systems to improve operating efficiency, provide superior customer service and support its growth. It is anticipated that this investment in systems and improved data analysis will provide the company with a significant competitive advantage in better serving its customers and improving its business operations through more timely and accurate information, increased sales, reduced costs, and increased productivity.

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Program structure:

The Treats Loyalty Program comprises features such as point accumulation, tiered membership, member discounts, personalized pet suggestions, and pet care tips.

PetSmart Treats Program offers valuable benefits, such as

  • Earn points for every $1 spent in stores & online (may vary by market)
  • Earn points on pet services including Grooming Salon, PetsHotel, Doggie Day Camp & Dog Training
  • Earn points for donating to PetSmart Charities® in stores at the pin pad or online
  • Redeem points or rewards for discounts on any product or pet service
  • Get a surprise on your pet’s birthday
  • Receive exclusive member-only deals & discounts
  • Buy 10 Doggie Day Camp sessions & get 1 FREE session
  • FREE shipping on orders over $49
  • Pet Care Tips: tips, articles, and resources to help them make informed choices and provide optimal care for their pets.
  • Expert Advice: Members may have access to expert advice from PetSmart’s staff, ensuring they receive guidance and information to make informed decisions about their pet’s needs.

Members can sign up in stores at the store register, online at or through our mobile app. To join the program, members must be age 18 years or older and a resident of the US or Puerto Rico. It’s also limited to individuals only and one account per individual.

To enroll in the program, members need to provide first and last name, phone number, the phone type and email address.

When signing up in physical stores, members will need to confirm their information on the pin pad. When signing up online or through our mobile app, members will need to validate your email address for security reasons.

After enrollment, a physical card is not issued. Instead, members are assigned a Treats account ID that is printed on customers’ receipts and viewable at and on the mobile app.

All purchases on merchandise, pet services and donations to PetSmart Charities at the pin pad in stores or online qualifies towards the spend threshold. Spend on gift cards, taxes, tips and shipping & handling is excluded.

To earn or redeem points, members only need to provide phone number or email address during checkout in store or make sure to be signed in when shopping online.

Additionally, members can add their Treats account ID to your mobile wallet or open the PetSmart mobile app and scan the digital card during checkout.

Points system:

Members earn points for every purchase at PetSmart, whether in-store or online, with opportunities to earn bonus points during special promotions. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases or other pet-related rewards.

The program seamlessly integrates across various shopping channels, allowing members to be rewarded both in-store and online, ensuring a consistent experience across different touchpoints.

For in-store purchases, members earn points immediately. For online purchases, points will be credited to members’ account within 24 hours after their order has shipped.

Membership Tiers:

The program includes tiered membership levels, Standard, VIP & Elite, each offering progressively more benefits.

  • Standard: no minimum spend amount
  • VIP: minimum of $500 spend at PetSmart
  • Elite: minimum of $1,000 spend at PetSmart

To achieve VIP or Elite status, members must meet the spend thresholds in a calendar year. Status is earned for the remainder of the current calendar year and for the full year following. Customers must meet the spend threshold each year to retain status.

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PetSmart uses customer data to offer personalized product recommendations, tailored offers based on individual pet preferences, and resources aligned with members’ pet care needs.

Members can receive custom offers sent via email, text message, mobile app notifications, and postal mail. Examples are coupons for discounts on specially selected products or services, double or triple bonus points offers, and much more.

Some offers require “activation”. Members can activate offers in email or on the offer section of their online account by clicking the activate button.

Customer App

PetSmart offers a FREE customer app. With a store locator, helpful resources, in-app shopping, services bookings, informative articles & videos, the PetSmart App is a great resource for a great life with your best friend!

  • In-app shopping
  • BOPIS: Customers can get their order in 1 hour with “buy online pick up in store”
  • In-app salon booking, appointment management & easy rebooking
  • Check Doggie Day Camp availability
  • Make & manage PetsHotel reservations
  • Play Treat Trail – connect treats, earn points & get coupons with gamified features
  • Personalized offers & content
Rewards structure:

Members can redeem points or rewards for discounts on any product or pet service. Also, they get a surprise on their pet’s birthday, receive exclusive member-only deals & discounts, get FREE products and enjoy FREE shipping for orders over $49.

Most products are eligible for points or rewards redemption. However, veterinary services, donations, gift cards, taxes, tips, cash back, recurring autoship orders, and shipping fees are excluded.

  • In Stores: when checking out in stores, members can provide your Treats account ID from the mobile app or mobile wallet to scan or use their phone number or email address
  • Online: when checking out online, members should be logged-in before they check out, and their purchases will automatically be credited to their Treats account once your items have shipped.

In addition, PetSmart organizes special events. For example, in April 2023, they organized the first-ever Treats Members Month to delight and reward loyal pets and pet parents. Members received new offers for their pets, earned bonus points on dozens of items, got cashback on $100+ gift cards, and had the opportunity to enter the Treats Super Giveaway: for a chance to win 1 million Treats points and more.

“Pet parents give so much to their pets and we want to ensure Treats members feel the love, too. All year we reward and engage our most loyal customers through early access to exciting launches, events and deals, but Treats Members Month is our biggest celebration of pets and pet parents ever. It’s an important moment for us to connect with and deliver value to pet parents, living up to our ‘Anything for Pets’ promise.” Will Smith, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at PetSmart

Data and Analytics:

Through the Treats Loyalty Program, PetSmart collects valuable customer data, including purchase history, pet preferences, and care requirements.

Leveraging member data, PetSmart delivers personalized email newsletters, targeted offers, and pet-related content, ensuring members receive relevant information about new products, promotions, and pet care tips.

Marketing and Promotion:

PetSmart communicates with Treats Loyalty members through personalized email newsletters, mobile app notifications, and in-store signage, ensuring they are informed about program benefits, upcoming pet events, and promotions.

Possible growth opportunities

Leveraging advanced Loyalty Analytics

Tracking the number of active Treats Loyalty members and their level of engagement, such as points earned, rewards redeemed, and participation in pet events, can measure the program’s success in capturing and retaining customer interest.

Assessing the impact of the program on members’ pet care practices, such as improvements in pet health, adoption of responsible pet care habits, or increased knowledge about pet well-being, can demonstrate the program’s positive influence.

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Next level personalization:

PetSmart could further leverage customer data to provide highly personalized pet care recommendations, tailored offers, and curated pet content based on individual pet preferences, ensuring a more relevant and effective experience for each member.

According to our research, program members wished they’d have more information available for all animals, instead of just cats and dogs.

Adding challenges and more gamified features

Introducing personalized pet wellness challenges within the program could provide members with a more gamified experience, driving engagement and loyalty. With step-by-step guidance, resources, and rewards to enhance their pet’s overall well-being.

Exclusive pet experiences and other experiential rewards

Partnering with pet experts or animal trainers to offer member-exclusive pet training sessions, grooming clinics, or pet photography sessions would create additional excitement and engagement for Treats Loyalty members.

App speed and more features

According to its users, the app loads very slow and it takes time to load up after every click. Users also suggest adding a barcode scanner that allows customers to check price and reviews at a glance.


By providing a range of rewards, personalized recommendations, and access to pet resources, PetSmart aims to build lasting connections with pet owners while ensuring the well-being of their furry companions.

By further leveraging their customer data and a powerful segmentation engine to quickly create personalized customer journeys, Treats loyalty program can further elevate the its effectiveness and solidify its position.

If you’re a retailer and you’d like to talk about loyalty management technology in more detail, then get in touch our team – we’ll be happy to show you examples or talk through your brand’s unique challenges.

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