Loyal Guru is a Google ISV. Here's why that's good news for customers

For a cloud platform provider like Loyal Guru, few decisions are as important as selecting which technology companies we partner with. We have now reached a milestone in that regard by becoming one of Google’s Independent Software Vendors (ISV)
Loyal Guru and Google cloud Partnership

As a Google ISV, we help our clients make the most of how they use our market-leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) on the Google Cloud and ensure that their customer loyalty programs and omnichannel marketing promotions have the greatest impact possible.

So, why Google? The short answer is that the Google Cloud provides the full range of tools and capabilities that we need to deliver against our customers’ needs. There are three factors, in particular, those benefit retailers and grocers using our platform:

  • Scale. The Loyal Guru Platform thrives on data – vast quantities of it. To deliver customers insights that truly shift the dial on their campaigns and loyalty programs we need a platform capable of analyzing data on a vast scale. Significantly, as every retailer we work with uses its own systems, our cloud partner must be also able to offer a robust multi-tenant solution. The Google Cloud meets all these needs perfectly. Powered by Google, Loyal Guru can manage many millions of transactions per month without the need for large analytics departments or DevOps teams.
  • Speed. Many of our customers require hyperresponsiveness from our platform, such as for posting receipts on their app in real-time. Many of the Google Cloud features we use to power our platform have speed at their heart. For instance, App Engine allows us to process high-performance APIs in real-time to POS systems around the world, while Google’s data ingestion tool enables us to manage campaign delivery and rapidly send messages and coupons to millions of our clients’ customers.
  • Breadth. One of our differentiators is that Loyal Guru allows retailers and grocers to generate true omnichannel campaigns, including in-store. The Google Cloud enables us to collect key retail data online and offline to quickly create a single source of truth for historic, real-time, and predictive customer behaviors. Using their 360-degree view of customers, retailers and grocers can deliver highly personalized messages to the right channel at the right moment. Take one of our clients, the fashion brand Mango. Leveraging the capabilities of the Google Cloud the company has designed a seamless omnichannel loyalty program for its customers. Today, Mango’s loyalty program benefits its customers regardless of the channel they use or the country they live in. As a result, Mango has grown loyalty customers’ sales by 5%.

At Loyal Guru, we aim to provide the number one Customer Data Platform in the world, so that our clients can deliver differentiating loyalty and reward programs that keep their customers coming back for more. With the Google Cloud as our foundation, and its ever-growing list of features and capabilities at our disposal, meeting this objective becomes much easier. 

For more information on Loyal Guru’s partnership with Google Cloud, check out our featured case study on the Google Cloud site. 

We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about our platform or our partnership with Google. Please contact us.