Boost revenue and protect profit margins

Monetize customer and retail data

Bring concrete value to your suppliers by sharing Loyal Guru’s automated campaign forecast and leveraging campaign data in your CPG promotion negotiations.

Use a strong toolset to stretch every dollar

Treat campaign funding as a thoughful, purposeful investment. Use data to improve planning accuracy, take action and achieve your business goals.

Expand your Retail Media Platform

Grow the value of your media channels by turning them into a compelling advertising platform.

With ever increasing pressure on margins, retailers are examining every aspect of their business and looking for new sources of revenue.

Help CPG brands with their go-to-market approach.

Supplier promotions refer to a type of marketing activity between the retailer and CPG brands, for which campaign funding is a critical component of their go-to-market approach.

Many manufacturers spend a large portion of their overall marketing budget on campaigns to increase demand for products with special offers.

increase CPG supplier monetization

Use budget control to effectively allocate promotional funds

CPG promotions can increase a product’s consumption rate, or the average quantity of a product used by consumers in a specific time period.

Also, CPG promotions can increase a products penetration in a market segment. The campaign can also boost the product’s total sales in relation to a category competitor.

Track sales attribution and put your marketing money where it matters most

Brands use offers to review and track campaign sales through coupon code redemption details, because they help understand better what promotion has worked best.

Comparing the different data sets will keep the brands informed about the best-performing deals and give them clear visibility about the partners driving the most sales.

Eliminate manual reporting activity

Suppliers are placing more complex terms and conditions on retailers in order to ensure a better return on funds provided for promotional spending.

Retailer’s promotion management systems are typically manual and spreadsheet based, with poor integration with internal systems.

The lack of a clear workflow between different teams results in inefficiencies with tracking and claiming of funds. Both supplier and retailer end up frustrated because of poor use of the promotion funds.

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