What are the benefits of omnichannel loyalty?

Consistent messages across all touch points

In essence, companies that maintain consistency in their messaging are more successful at driving the interactions with their customers.

Unify brick-and-mortar and online retail and customer data

Break down information silos and integrate your online and offline data for one single source of truth, making it available across the entire organization in real-time.

A noteworthy increase in your sales

Not surprisingly, research estimates retailers lose anywhere between 10 and 30% of sales when they fail to meet omnichannel shopping expectations.

This is what you can do with an omnichannel loyalty program powered by Loyal Guru

In-store initiatives that boost loyalty

Engage your customers online to bring them to your store with special offers, contests or additional points earned when they check in or purchase at your brick and mortar store.

Furthermore, show members their real-time points balance and special offers or coupons on their printed receipt to encourage repeat business.

in store initiatives that boost customer loyalty

Drive more shoppers to your ecommerce

Send out emails, SMS and push notifications to encourage your loyalty program members to visit your online store.

Also, reward members that shop online of your loyalty program with permanent advantages and perks, such as free delivery or returns, complimentary gift-wrapping, etc.

drive customers to you ecommerce

Boost engagement across the internet

This includes downloading the app, engaging on social media, taking surveys, rating products or simply logging into their account.

Because all touch points are connected, all interactions with your brand are fed into the Single Customer Profile and are used enrich the customer journey.

loyalty rewards for engagement

Cater to a mobile-first world with your loyalty app

The best way to establish a foothold for your omnichannel loyalty program is through a dedicated app.

Your loyalty app let’s you send out effective push notifications, and allows customers to see their real-time points balance and activate coupons on the go.

Loyalty App grocery promote brands and products

Put the right emails in front of the right people

Segmentation and dynamic content make it easy to customize your message and deliver personalized offers.

Send great emails to stay in front of your members and customers – showing them the offers they want to see.

Repeat purchases loyalty program

Empower your agents to deliver the best customer service

Companies that employ omnichannel customer service strategies have a 23x higher customer satisfaction rate.

With Loyal Guru, you can empower your agents to deliver faster, more consistent answers built on a centralized knowledge base that holds all product, transaction and customer information.

empower customer service agents with customer data

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