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Our platform solves the unique challenges of developing their retail business with next-gen loyalty initiatives, personalized offers at scale, advanced retail analytics and new opportunities for monetization.

Our solution simplifies the complexities that arise from high volumes of shoppers, transactions and data of Enterprise Retail, by collecting all data in real-time, creating a Single Source of Truth, and developing, retaining and recovering customers both online and at point-of-sale.

Our Story

Loyal Guru was founded in 2016 by Borja Sanfeliu and Javi Fernández. Born in the heart of Barcelona, the company’s vision was rooted on a revolutionary idea: “What if we could enable retailers to harness the power of technology and data so they can optimize their marketing activities?”

Since then, Loyal Guru has built and extraordinary CDP and loyalty management software specifically designed to answer the distinct needs of grocers and retailers. To this date we’ve helped over 50 leading retail brands across Europe and the Americas to develop their customers in a unique way.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without our amazing team of over 110 smart and talented people working across 10 countries that have helped make possible this success.

Our Mission

At Loyal Guru, we believe every retailer can become a key player in the industry when using the right tools.

We are committed to empowering our customers with smart tools that make every interaction with their clients smarter, more profitable and the purchase experience better.

We believe that data, automation and personalization are the best ways to drive efficiencies and improve ROI.

What’s next?

In our 6 years of operation, we’ve seen retailers do a tremendous job to push toward a data-driven future. Today, retailers around the world are using technology to do their most important work.

And the retailer landscape continues to evolve.

With the help of Loyal Guru, enterprise retailers across the globe are tapping into the power of personalization and big data.

They’re making their customers feel valued and special. They’re driving loyalty. They’re increasing sales.

And this is just the beginning. Looking to the future, we will continue to help leading retail businesses develop, launch or up-level their customer strategy and go on to shine. And in doing this we will strive to maintain the position as the major loyalty program technology enabler through continued dedication to innovation and excellence.

In this way, we hope to build a future in which retailers fully harness the power of data to grow their businesses while leaving a positive imprint on society, the environment and the customers they serve.



Our company values guide us day-to-day to grow and help our customers fulfil their potential:


Loyalists identify opportunities and make necessary changes to improve performance and productivity. We are predisposed to act in a creative and innovative way, are self-confident and are determined to achieve our goals. We live the business and its purpose as our own and are promoters of it.


Loyalists are committed to developing our own talent and that of their collaborators. We recognize potential, opportunities and achievements. We build winning and diverse teams that proudly celebrate successes.


Loyalists have a propensity for action; we have the ability and courage to make timely decisions and take action quickly. We prioritize, simplify and persevere to achieve desired results quickly. We have the ability to act quickly in changing or adverse situations or contexts.


Loyalists design and implement sustainable value creation strategies to increase the company’s recognition and the overall development of the organization.


Loyalists are actively involved in the achievement of our objectives and those of our team members. We take responsibility, take initiative and suggest solutions. We care about setting and example for others to follow.


Loyalists are focused on our customers – external and/or internal – firmly believe in improving their lives and act to do so. We strive to connect with them and align the company with their current and future needs.

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